Why Study Political Science?

Why Study Political Science at CU?

According to the American Political Science Association, "Political science is the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior."  While this is true, this is really only part of the story.

Whether we like it or not, humans are inherently political creatures. Questions of power, structure, and control are fundamental to virtually all aspects of our lives.  How much should you pay in taxes, and how should that money be spent?  When and where are you allowed to practice your faith?  Who gets to define terms like "family"?  Can anything be done about wars, starving children, or equal rights?  Should someone be forced out of the public sphere for holding conflicting viewpoints? These are all questions for political science.

For this reason, Aristotle considered political science the "master science" or the "controlling science" since politics ultimately determines everything else that happens within a society.  It determines how resources are allocated and who allocates them, who has access to power, and what is allowed as part of the public education and the public debate.  It is concerned with such concepts as justice, the public good, and with our role as citizens within a democratic society.  And, just as importantly, it is concerned with developing the skills needed to answer these questions.  

At Campbellsville University, it is our goal to help you to become part of the next generation of servant leaders.  We have developed a broadly focused curriculum, interdisciplinary in scope, designed to help you find your place in the world.  We don't just want you to be able to recite facts or regurgitate figures; we want you to develop the qualitative and quantitative skills you need to critically analyze and interrogate your environment so that you can choose our own success.  

Upon graduation, recent students have have chosen a wide range of career paths.  Some have attended graduate or law school, with acceptances ranging from George Washington University to the Institute of World Politics, and from the University of Louisville to the University of Kentucky.  Others have chosen to immediately enter public service, accepting positions working in government agencies and U.S. Congressmen.  Many have chosen to enter the private sector.  We are confident that, whether you choose a major or minor, a degree in political science from Campbellsville University will serve you well as you chart your path to the future.

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