US Border Patrol, FT

US Border Patrol, FT

Your mind is sharp. Your body is tough. Your soul is driven. You’re Built for the Border.

The U.S. Border Patrol is focused 24/7 on securing our borders and

safeguarding the American people from terrorism, drug smuggling

and illegal entry to our country. Agents are built to protect. It’s second

nature. They use age-old techniques and cutting-edge technology in

the face of uncertainty. Border Patrol Agents honor their heritage by

protecting America today.


> Be under age 37 unless you are a qualified Veterans’ Preferenceeligible

candidate or have previous federal law enforcement


> Be a U.S. citizen and a resident for the past three years

> Have a valid state driver’s license

> Pass a thorough background investigation, medical examination,

pre-employment fitness tests and drug test

New hires must successfully complete 58 days of intensive instruction

at the U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, NM. Coursework includes

topics such as immigration and nationality laws, as well as physical

training and marksmanship. An additional 40 days is necessary for

those who require Spanish language instruction.

Here’s a snapshot:


> Job Security

- Salary/steady income

n Starting salary $39,012–$63,894

> Personal/Sick Leave/Holidays

- Paid personal (annual) and sick leave

- 10 paid holidays per year

> Paid job-related training

> VA benefits for approved on-the-job training programs

> Employee assistance program

> Transportation subsidy


> Federal Employee Health Benefits Program

- Federal government pays up to 75% of medical premiums

> Federal Dental & Vision Program

> Federal Flexible Spending Account Program

> Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program


> Thrift Savings Plan

> Federal retirement plan

> Credit for military service

> Law enforcement retirement benefits

> Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

built for the border?

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