Undergraduate Programs

Degree Plans

Campbellsville University offers undergraduate degrees in 

CU also offers three minors: 

And two certificate programs:

We offer seven masters degrees for those who are interested in continuing their education at Campbellsville University.

All of the music degrees offered by Campbellsville University are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music - we're one of only two private Kentucky colleges with this honor!

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Music Performance Grants - All students planning to major or minor in music may audition for a Music Performance Grant based on the student's ability to contribute to one or more ensembles or to provide piano accompaniment to other students. Renewable annually.  To apply, complete the Audition Application.

  • Competitive Music Scholarships - All first-time entering freshmen majoring in music who audition for a Music Performance Grant on specified audition dates may choose to be considered for an overall scholarship in one of three categories: Instrumental, Keyboard, or Voice. In addition to the audition, participants will complete a written exam on music theory and history. The overall winners in each category receive a scholarship of up to $1,000 per semester in addition to a Music Performance Grant.  Renewable annually. To apply, complete the Audition Application.

  • Band Performance Grants - These grants are for students who participate in the Tiger Marching Band, Concert Band and basketball Pep Band. To apply, submit a Band Performance Grant application form to the Director of Bands. No audition is required. Renewable annually.

  • Governor's School for the Arts - Campbellsville University offers two full-tuition scholarships for alumni of the Governor's School for the Arts program who plan to major in music.  Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, 24 ACT, and complete an audition.  Recipients must major in music, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and participate in at least two ensembles each semester (to be assigned).  To apply, complete the Audition Application.  Winners are announced on April 1.

  • Other Music Scholarships - Current students will be considered for these scholarships which are awarded in years when adequate funding is available:
  • The Church Music Scholarship
  • Dillingham-Graves Church Music Scholarship
  • Shirley Strader Lawson Church Music Scholarship
  • J.P. Jardine Music Scholarship
  • Cecile Conaway Meskimen Piano Scholarship
  • Bernice Miller Memorial Music/Theater Scholarship
  • Joe Sparks Music Education Scholarship
  • Coleman & Hazel Brinkley Memorial Scholarship

    Music Theory

    If you are planning to study music in college, you will need strong foundations in music theory. At Campbellsville University, what knowledge/skills should you have as an entering music student?

    • reading music effectively in treble clef and bass clef
    • rhythm: notation, meter
    • scales: major, three forms of minor, chromatic
    • major and minor key signatures; the circle of fifths
    • intervals
    • triads
    • simple harmonic relationships using Roman numerals
    • aural skills: notating simple rhythms and melodies, identifying scale degrees
    • vocal skills: matching pitches, singing simple melodies using solfeggio
    • keyboard skills: octave locations, scales, simple melodies and harmonies

    For some music students, by the time they arrive in college they have had numerous opportunities to learn theory through their church music programs, high school experiences, or private lessons. But other music students have experienced very little theory. If you have not mastered all the knowledge/skills you need, there are many ways to “get caught up.”

    • Take piano lessons. Ask the teacher if she will concentrate on theory rather than just on literature.
    • Teach yourself using a book. There are many good titles available on the fundamentals of music theory; one that we use in our Elementary Musicianship courses is called Music First! by Gary C. White, published by McGraw Hill.
    • Teach yourself using electronic resources. You can find electronic versions of many of the printed textbooks (including Music First!), free websites such as musictheory.net, and membership-fee-based sites, such as the fun music games at Theta Music Trainer (by the way, if you are planning to attend CU, we’ll provide you a membership at Theta Music Trainer free of charge – just let us know you’re interested).
    • Take a course. Once you arrive on campus, you can enroll in an Elementary Musicianship course. The ElemMus I course is designed to help those students who need to start at the very beginning. The continuation course, ElemMus II, is for those students who already know something about music notation, meter signatures, major scales, and major key signatures.

    All incoming music students are required to complete the Music Theory Placement Exam to determine which course they should start with. The exam is usually given at the start of each semester.

    Applying for Admission

    All applicants to the Campbellsville University School of Music must be considered for admission by Campbellsville University and complete an audition for the School of Music.

    First, apply for admission to Campbellsville University.

    Next, apply for an audition.

    Finally, be sure to complete the FAFSA (for financial aid).