Primary in print

In order to maximize document readability and consistency between publications, the primary serif typeface of Campbellsville University is Times New Roman (Windows) or Times (Mac). There are varying weights within the Times typeface which allow for flexibility of use in publication and design. Bold fonts, however, should never be used to display body copy in a document.
The preferred primary sans-serif typeface of Campbellsville University is Arial (Windows) or Arial/Helvetica (Mac).

When selecting one of Campbellsville University’s typefaces, consider the line stroke and point size with regard to the manner in which the font will be used in your publication.

The University magazine and newspaper are exempt from recommended font usage. Never rebuild the University logo. Use only specified reproduction materials.

Questions on typography should be referred to the Office of University Communications at (270) 789-5214.

Supporting typefaces

In addition to Times, sans-serif typefaces can be used to add visual contrast and hierarchy to a document. Strong, bold sans-serif letter forms such as Arial, Helvetica and Univers complement the use of the serif body copy. Accordingly, elegant serif typefaces, such as Goudy, can complement sans-serif body copy in certain layouts. Use a bare minimum of typefaces, and avoid kitschy or trendy fonts in collateral materials.

Typography on the Web

Typography on the Web is much harder to control than in print-based publications due to lack of kerning and tracking options and inconsistent installations of fonts on end-user and consumer computers. In Web-formatted text, utilize the widely- installed typographical font family: Verdana, Arial and Helvetica.

Please review the font page for detailed information on typefaces.