Theory and Training


EnglishRaven provides an overview of the various ELT methodology that has affected the way English has been taught throughout the years. 

Free Online Textbooks

Language Contact and Bilingualism covers the a variety of topics, including the sociology of language, language shift, bilingual education, and SLA.

Where Immigrant Students Succeed is a free online textbook that discusses worldwide issues related to immigrants and international students. 

Advanced Writing in English as a Foreign Language delves into topics such as SLA, writing pedagogy, feedback, and CALL. 

Effective Online Teaching explores the implications of education on the internet, and how to most effectively teach online.

Practical Ideas for Teaching Writing as a Process, originally commissioned by the California Department of Education, provides an eight-step plan to teach writing as a process. 


The World's English Mania by Jay Walker

Redefining the Dictionary by Erin McKean

Endangered Cultures by Wade Davis

Schools Kill Creativity by Ken Robinson

Language and Thought by Steven Pinker