Lesson Plans and Class Activities

Lesson Plans and Class Activities

are not always easy to develop on your own. If you are having a tough time changing things up in your classroom, or if you are looking for a perfect activity for your lesson, we have compiled some excellent resources to help you along in the creative process we call teaching.

Lesson Plans


EnglishPage.com has plenty of lessons planned out to choose from, and have a weekly lesson, so if you don't have anything specific you are looking for, you can still get some ideas. Lessons include verb tenses, modals, prepositions, vocab, and more.

At EverythingESL.com you can find lesson plans, other resources, and teaching tips.

ITESLJ.org has this page of hundreds of lesson plans for anything from writing and reading all the way to culture and conversation. This is a very large resource.

Boggle's World lesson plan archives.


About.com provides several resources for reading lesson plans.

Reading lesson plans for all topics and ages.


Argumentative essay writing lesson plan from eslgo.com

Writing lessons, lesson plans, articles, and more.


Hundreds of ESL/EFL videos that teach vocabulary, idioms, and more from our own Andrea Giordano. 

About.com's listening resources and lesson plans.

Great articles and lesson plans about listening from iteslj.org.


ESL Galaxy grammar resources page.

Lesson plans for grammar teaching of ESL/EFL classes.

Total ESL grammar lesson plans.


Here is a lesson plan for setting up a talk show in the classroom.

ESL Basics videos to help practice pronunciation through tongue twisters.

Class Activities


SpunkyEnglish.com has plenty of links to English tools for your students.  You can even set up an account to track your student's work and quiz score to various quizzes and tests.

This ESL Resource Center has pronunciation, reading, grammar, vocab, listening, etc. exercises for your students, this is a great all in one resource you may want to help supplement your class work.

Writing worksheets to encourage free-writing on a variety of topics

Trivia questions to ask your students sparking discussion

Here is a list of general activities sorted by skill level.


Dozens of printable reading comprehension worksheets for skill levels of beginning, intermediate, and advanced


Daily pronunciation videos with definitions.

Watch and learn hundreds of idioms, phrasal verbs, and vocabulary words.


Parts of speech activity (PDF) with answer key.


Talking Cards activity uses a regular deck of cards.

Here is an activity for intonation awareness.

Story telling role play to practice narrative tenses.