Summer Camp Positions (Admin Asst, Leaders, recreation), Camp Kamaji for Girls, MN

Summer Camp Positions (Admin Asst, Leaders, recreation), Camp Kamaji for Girls, MN


Camp Kamaji for Girls-- Northern Minnesota-- seeking camp leaders/ assistantworkers for the summer.

As owner/manager of this camp, my primary responsibilities at consist of doing most of the behind-the-scenes work to make sure that camp runs smoothly. To work alongside me every summer I hire two assistants. I am not looking for applicants/candidates who have vast experience working in a 'conventional' office and who possess a working knowledge of database maintenance and proficiency in many computer programs. . .

While excellent phone skills and the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment are most definitely skills necessary to work alongside of me, I need much more from the Administrative Assistants who would work with me. Truly the position is as indescribable kind of job although the closest description might be that of a Concierge – a go-to person. The job really boils down to being the left-and-right arms of me and several of our camp program staff. It's a crazy, chaotic, fun, cuckoo, upside-down kind of job where no two days are ever the same. Again, far from any kind of conventional office position you might imagine!!

While there is some computer work and record-keeping involved, the bulk of the position involves doing anything and everything necessary to make sure camp runs smoothly — tending to and taking care of everything from running camp errands to taking campers to the dentist to making monetary cash advances to staff members (and keeping track of those) to band-aiding a camper's scraped elbow or scratched knee to answering phone calls and directing those to appropriate persons to sorting mail to inventorying and making approved purchases of supplies and equipment for camp to scrapbooking certain camp events to helping our Program Staff with camper programming, etc., etc, etc.

The days are long and crazy and frenetic as the camp office seems to be the gathering/stopping off place at some time or another for everyone in camp each day!! There are no prescribed hours to the day - we work from 8:00 am thru till after dinnertime each of six days a week.

It is my hope that you might be able to forward on to your third and fourth year undergrad as well as grad students this info.

Applicant must be at least 21 years of age by start of summer employ and have a valid driver’s license. We encourage hardworking, conscientious, responsible, fun and energetic people to apply. And we are looking for our staff to be those who, who are friendly, reliable, flexible, who have initiative, who will immerse her/him-self totally into camp life. And, lastly, staff applicants need to be fun-loving as well as child-like without being childish. * I also looking for candidates who work well under stress, who can smile with the best of them, who do not like sitting still for too long, who welcome the challenge of doing umpteen things at once, who want a change of pace from city life and office routine, who think it's pointless to doing anything less than their best the very first time, who is grown-up and doesn't qualify job responsibilities by saying "that's not part of my job".

And if you/your students might be interested in exploring the possibility of such employment as a potential internship opportunity, I would be more than happy to talk (and partner) with you in developing a collaborative internship whereby a student might earn credit towards his/her degree.

Contact me with questions, requests for additional information, etc. I can be reached by  email or by telephoning 314.721.0475. 

 P.S. We also have positions available for Sailing instructors and canoe/wilderness trip leaders so if you have a sailing club/team or an outdoor recreation program and/or the like please pass onto those departments and students too. 

 Kathy Jay
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