Substance Abuse Counselor (FT), Center for Behavioral Health, Louisville/Etown,/Frankfort/B-Green

Substance Abuse Counselor (FT), Center for Behavioral Health, Louisville/Etown,/Frankfort/B-Green

Position Title:  Substance Abuse Counselor,    Center for Behavioral Health,  

Full-time or Part-time:  Full-time

Company Name:  Center for Behavioral Health

Location of Job:  Louisville, Elizabethtown, Frankfort, or Bowling Green

Company Address:
1402A Browns Lane
City : Louisville
State : Kentucky
Zip Code : 40207

Contact Email Address:

Contact Phone:  (502) 894-0234

Position Description:  Counselors assist patients in identifying, maximizing and relating their strengths to appropriate social, educational (academic and vocation) and occupational goals. Counselors help patients prepare and adjust to a drug free existence, offer assistance (emotional and physical) in problematic issues. Counselors will be responsible to the Clinical Manager for provision of services to assigned patients and will adhere to schedules, established program policies and procedures and applicable Federal regulations.

Counselors must have their Bachelors degree with experience with substance abuse patients or two (2) years experience as a certified counselor working with substance abuse patients. Counselors must be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge and understanding of human behavior to show potential for rehabilitating drug dependent patients. Must have good skills in both verbal and written communications. Must have sufficient knowledge of the substance abuse population, treatment planning and the field of human social services to work toward the rehabilitation of the patient community.

Contact Name:  Mark B. Miller

Website Address for Applying Online: