Study Away

Jan Term Programs

Jan Term offers CU students who are on a budget a great way to experience the benefits of location-based study but at a lower cost than traditional, longer term study abroad and study away programs.  These programs often provide course credit, making these among the most affordable programs available.

Jan Term 2017: Presidential Inauguration Trip

This January, the Political Science program attend the 58th Presidential Inauguration.  Regardless of who wins the election, the Inauguration represents a time where Americans come together to celebrate our democracy.  Political Science students will depart campus on the morning of January 19th, and return to campus on January 24th.  During their time in D.C., students will have the opportunity to: attend the Inauguration, visit several of the Smithsonian Institute museums, attend services at the Washington National Cathedral, visit Arlington National Cemetery, and several of the sites and monuments.

The cost of transportation and lodging for the program will be approximately $250, depending on the level of participation.  Students will be responsible for covering the cost of food.  

Jan Term 2016:  The Iowa Caucuses

During Jan Term 2016, a team of CU students travelled to Iowa for the Iowa Caucuses.  Students participated in a course title "Social Media and the Modern Presidency" where they were required to provide social media coverage of campaign events throughout the state.  Using Twitter, Facebook, and their own website, students covered attended used press passes to provide their viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the campaigns as they unfolded.  

Over the course of the 5 day trip, students covered campaign rallies for seven Republican and two Democratic candidates, and attended up to two debate watching parties.  Students were able to meet with two U.S. Senators, campaign and event organizers, and members of the Secret Service.  They were even able to get photos taken with most of the candidates!  They concluded their trip by attending 4 caucuses (two Republican, two Democratic) to get to see democracy in action.