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Provides tools to help job seekers, students businesses and career professionals. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. Detailed job profiles, descriptions, wage scales, video knowledge/education required and tasks/activities involved 



 Personality/Career/Interest Assessment  a free online tool  FREE for current students. All Freshmen should take this assessment.  Contact Career Services (270) 789-5192 for access code or get it from your OR 100 Instructor Typefocus offers 3 assessments and five reports related to personality type, values, & interests, all of which impact college choices and  career success. To start the TypeFocus, click here.   Freshmen  take 1-3, Self Awareness, setting goals and success factors.  Copy/paste and email results to your OR 100 instructor or mentor for class credit.

Additional info on Majors:    Careers/Jobs that match Specific Majors:   GATEWAY free career assessments 

Resume Assistance
 Career Services staff will be glad to assist you with building/editing your resume.  Reviewwebsite below.  After creating a draft, contact career service office to schedule a meeting to review, crititique or fine-tune your resume to fit type of job you are seeking!
-- Sample Resumes, Resources & Tips 
here or  How To Write a Resume  

What Is An Internship?  Internships are valuable experiences that increase your chances of being selected for full-time jobs. Internships are typically short-term work or service experiences related to the student’s major or career goals. An internship generally involves students working in professional settings under the supervision of practicing professionals. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and the student may or may not receive academic credit for performing the internship. Once you find a company or organization that you are interested in, contact your advisor, professor to see if the internship qualifies for academic credit.  Interns are 3 x more likely to be hired by companies after graduation than someone without related work experience.  Internships are essential for young graduates with limited career experience! Just one resource-- across the US is  here!  Ask your academic advisor about applying for possible 1-3 hours college credit for working an approved internship. 

Career Fairs  Campbellsville University offers several Career/Job and Internship Fair opportunities each year (including a summer worker camp fair, 2 on campus regional career/job fairs; an metro-city career fair is exclusively for private college juniors/seniors & grads-- held in Lexington, KY.)  Check "Events" link here for more info.

Louisville: many including

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Career Services director's office is now located in top floor of the Technology Training Center --TTC 204. Call for an appointment or drop by.... 270-403-8481  or