Student Teaching

Teacher Preparation Program

Purpose of Student Teaching

Student teaching is designed to optimize the transition from teacher candidate to professional teacher. The student teaching experience provides relevant, professional activities on a day-to-day basis in the public school classrooms where the teacher candidate develops and refines the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become an effective, professional teacher.

The teacher candidate is expected to practice and exhibit the following behaviors as indicated by the Kentucky Teacher and IECE Teacher Standards:

1. Display a professional attitude with regard to behavior, demeanor, ethics, dependability, grammar, speech and instruction

2. Organize and implement instruction on a day-to-day basis following an agreed timetable over the placement period including but not limited to clear and complete lesson plans

3. Complete grading and clerical tasks, such as record keeping in an organized and timely fashion

4. Utilize a variety of teaching strategies, methodologies and assessment

5. Participate as a professional member of the school community

6. Engage in reflective evaluation of the daily teaching experience 7. Compile a student teaching portfolio demonstrating personal growth in the Kentucky Teacher and IECE Teacher Standards 7. Demonstrate proficiency in content area(s)


School of Education Theme and Mission Statement

Empowerment for learning is one of the special joys and outcomes of becoming a teacher. As a result of program experiences, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to create a classroom climate in which your students can learn. The education program has a distinguished record of preparing students to become teachers.
The School of Education, in support of the mission of Campbellsville University, prepares teachers for their respective fields in society by providing an academic infrastructure based on scholarship, service and Christian leadership. The primary aim of the program is to advance scholars who are competent, caring, and qualified educators, who can positively impact student learning and who are committed to life-long learning in a global society.

The teacher preparation program strives to achieve this mission globally by:

· Preparing educators who demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions to plan, implement and evaluate instruction through information technology
· Honoring, understanding and respecting diverse voices and communities in society
· Establishing partnerships and collaborating with the professional community
· Supporting and enhancing Christian characteristics of servant leadership


Please complete the following documents and submit to the School of Education as soon as possible.  These forms are required every semester you have a Teacher Candidate.  They are necessary to process payment and to enter the Teacher Candidate placement into KYEPSB.  The forms may be returned by fax to 270.789.5206, email to or mail to:

Campbellsville University
School of Education
UPO 791, 1 University Drive
Campbellsville, KY  42718

Each cooperating teacher is required to observe their teacher candidate two (2) times during their placement. Once at approximately the half-way point and the second time toward the end of the placement. For each observation, a Form A, Form B, and either the Mid-Term or Final portion of the Reflective Journal Rubric must be completed.  Also, a Disposition Recommendation and a letter of recommendation on your school letterhead must be submitted.


Each University Supervisor is required to observe their teacher candidate four (4) times during their placement(s).  For each observation a Form A and Form B are required.  At the end of the placement, the University Supervisor and Cooperating Teacher should meet to discuss the overall performance of the Teacher Candidate and complete a Form C (Summative Evaluation).  If a Teacher Candidate has two (2) placements, this form must be completed at the end of each placement.   If there is only one (1) placement, only one Summative Evaluation needs to be completed.  


To use the forms below, please save a copy to your computer.  Once completed, simply click the "Submit" button at the bottom of each form.  You may also wish to send a copy to your student teacher, University Supervisor/Cooperating Teacher.

IECE Teacher Candidate Forms

P - 12 Teacher Candidate Forms


P - 12 Student Teacher Observation Form B