Student Projects and Research

Student Projects and Research

Every academic year, CU Political Science students have the chance to give learn by doing.  Most classes require several in-class presentations, and several require students participate in the Division of Social Sciences Poster Fair.  Recent CU students have also given presentations at the Midwest Political Science Association, the Kentucky Political Science Association, the Appalachian College Association Annual Summit, and the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference.

Other Research and Presentation Opportunities Include:

Spring Research Practicum
 Every semester, junior and senior students in the Division of Social Science have the opportunity to participate in an intense research seminar based upon a design they developed in a previous course, or with the help of a supervising professor.  Students will present the paper at a professional research conference after Spring Break.

Colonel Lee B. Ledford Scholarship
 As a member of the Appalachian College Association, CU provides political science majors the opportunity to get paid to do summer research.  Political Science majors, working with a faculty sponsor, can earn an hourly wage plus have expenses covered to assist with field research and collect data.

Senior Seminar
 All graduating seniors must participate in a Senior Seminar Capstone.  Students get to choose between completing a senior thesis (recommended for graduate school applicants) or participating in a hands on learning experience that involves building a website, blogging, policy analysis, and on-air/on-camera work through CU's radio and television studios.

Political Coverage
Working with their faculty, students frequently participate in authentic learning projects designed to provide real-world applications.  These include the webdesign projects such as Modern Presidency: The Race to the White House 2012  and the 2016 Election Coverage, the later of which had students travel across Iowa during the Presidential caucuses.

Modern Presidency-2012

During the Spring of 2012, the POL Modern Presidency class developed a voter education website designed to help voters choose between Barak Obama and Mitt Romney.  Students were responsible for all aspects of web design and development, including making their own campaign videos and commercials!  You can check it out here.

Political Parties- 2014

Are you tired of the choices available for the American political system?  Do you think America needs a new, younger, middle way?

For the Fall 2014 term, students from the POL Political Parties class will be developing the outline for a new, third political party.  Using what political science can teach, the new party will chart a path between the extremist camps that have taken hold of the American political debate.  You can find the website here.

Note: This is a working class project.  Updates will be on going, with the finished project available in December 2014.