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Oct. 14, 2013
For Immediate Release
CU Education’s Kappa Delta Pi chapter initiates new members

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Initiates of Campbellsville University’s School of Education’s Kappa Delta Pi became members of the Alpha Epsilon Omicron chapter on Sunday, Oct. 13.

Dr. Donna Hedgepath, dean of the School of Education, welcomed the audience and gave an opening prayer. She thanked the families that came in support of the initiates. “We are proud of our initiates today,” she said.
“Everyone sitting in this room is a teacher,” said Dr. Charles Hamilton, associate professor of education and chair of undergraduate programs, who was the keynote speaker. “You may not understand but you are. Everything you say and do has an influence on someone.” Hamilton said that one teacher had a special impact on him when he was in middle school, and he had built a special bond with the teacher.
When Hamilton had earned his doctorate, the same teacher had called him to congratulate him. “He felt a lifelong connection with me and was able to take some pride with my career,” he said. Hamilton said every time we come into contact with someone we influence them. He said he felt a connection with his teacher and through that students of his felt a connection with him. “Those are the things you cannot forget. That’s what makes you a teacher. With everything you say and do, someone is watching and being influenced by it,” he said. “The greatest being to ever walk this earth was called teacher and you’ve put yourselves in the shadow of greatness.”


The counselors of CU’s KDP chapter, Dr. Beverly Ennis, associate professor of education, and Dr. Carol Garrison, professor of education, installed the new officers of the chapter: Kelly Hill, vice president; Chasity Ballard, secretary; Haley Carman, membership committee; Hannah DeJarnette, membership Committee. Emily Hatley, Treasurer, and Jennifer Hatley, historian.
The faculty initiates were: Dr. Lisa Fulks of Louisville, KY, assistant professor of education; Dr. Charles Hamilton of Lebanon, KY, associate professor of education and chair of undergraduate programs, Dr. Robin Magruder of Bardstown, KY, assistant professor of education; and Deborah Spalding of Lebanon, KY, assistant professor of education.
Senior officers, Reynolds, Hill and Ballard were presented with honor chords for graduation by Ennis and Garrison.
Rock of Ages Gospel performed special music for the event. Members include: Brooke Gupton, CU financial aid counselor for graduate and professional studies, vocalist; Josh Gupton, vocalist/piano and Aron Neil, percussion.
Jennifer Hatley said that Kappa Delta Pi was founded on March 8, 1911, at the University of Illinois. The Society was incorporated on June 8, 1911. The Alpha Epsilon Omicron Chapter at Campbellsville University was installed by Dr. John Light on September 27, 2009.
Hatley said the chapter participates in Literacy Alive. “Literacy Alive is the signature service initiative for Kappa Delta Pi,” she said. “This is to reach out to the community of the Chapters and to improve the literacy skills of those who participate.”
This year’s Literacy Alive proposed project is a fundraiser for the School of Education trip to Belize during spring break to Belize. Students will collect clothing, books and other supplies. They will visit schools, cultural sites and an orphanage. The mission of Kappa Delta Pi is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service. The vision of Kappa Delta Pi is to help committed educators be leaders in improving education for global citizenship.
Through its programs, services, and products, Kappa Delta Pi supports and enhances the professional growth and teaching practices of its member educators throughout the phases and levels of their teaching careers. This support is essential to inaugurating and retaining the best and brightest professionals in the field of education, according to the organization’s website.
There are 600 chapters and more than 45,000 members in the international organization. For more information about KDP, go to
Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with more than 3,600 students offering 63 undergraduate options, 17 master’s degrees, five postgraduate areas and eight pre-professional programs. The website for complete information is


Kappa Delta Pi

International Honor Society in Education, committed to recognizing excellence and fostering mutual cooperation, support, and professional growth for educational professionals.

Mission:  support educators and recognize scholarship and excellence in education.  A local chapter provides qualified students, faculty, and administrators opportunities for:

  • Professional Development
  • Service Learning
  • Leadership


1904 - 1910           Formative Years
1912                      A Crucial Decision
1911 - 1923           Founding and Early Development
1924 - 1949           Establishment as a National Organization
1950 - 1989           Growth, Expansion and Stabilization
1990 - 1994           Refocusing and Growth
1995 - 1999           New Directions
2000 -  Present      Serving Members

As part of its ongoing dedication to educators, the Society offers:

  • Workshops and conferences
  • Books, Journals, and other Publications
  • Scholarships and Grants
  • Community Service Projects
  • Teachers Hotline
  • Employment Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Other Resources

Chapters are located on both college campuses and in local communities.  Membership in an active institution chapter of Kappa Delta Pi depends on the following criteria:

  • Intent to continue in the field of education
  • Leadership attributes
  • Undergraduates must have first-term sophomore standing (30 semester hours), a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 (or its equivalent) and at least 12 semester hours (or its equivalent) in education courses programmed, in progress, or complete.
  • Graduate students must have regular admission status in an accredited institution, six or more semester hours (or its equivalent) in that institution, and at least 12 semester hours (or its equivalent) of education courses and a graduate-level GPA of at least 3.25 out of 4.0.

Kappa Delta Pi supports and advances the careers of educators by recognizing academic achievement and excellence in teaching and promoting community service.


  • Receive four issues of the KDP Record each year when they renew their membership after the first year;
  • Receive four issues of the New Teacher Advocate FREE as a first-year member;
  • Grow as an educator through regional and national conferences;
  • Access teacher resources through KDP Online;
  • Benefit from job-hunting tips and tools;
  • Network with other educators in your career phase;
  • Save with discounted services and publications;
  • Find the information you need on hot issues in education;
  • Tap into more than $100,000 in scholarships and teacher classroom grants; and
  • Connect with National Teachers of the Year through the Teacher Hotline.

Kappa Delta Pi Charter:  bylaws requirements for maintaining a chapter require the following:

  • Hold at least two meetings during the year, which is July 1 - June 30.  At least one meeting shall include an initiation.
  • Send a representative to at least one Society meeting (Convocation, Leadership Forum, or other conferences) over the course of four years.
  • File required annual reports no later than August 1.
  • Elect chapter officers no later than July 1
  • Submit all new member information and a $38.00 per member initiation fee to the Society Headquarters within two weeks of initiation for each new member.
  • Maintain and involve three required standing committees - the Executive Committee, the Program Committee, and the Membership Committee.


Devin Reynolds, President
Kelly Hilll, Vice President
Chasity Ballard, Secretary
Brent Hatfield, Membership
Haley Carman, Membership
Hannah DeJarnette, Membership                 
Emily Hatley, Treasurer
Jennifer Hatley, Historian

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Dr. Carol Garrison, Advisor

Dr. Beverly Ennis, Advisor