School Social Worker (with experience), CORE Academy, Aurora IL

School Social Worker (with experience), CORE Academy, Aurora IL

School Social Worker (with experience) –  CORE Academy,          Aurora, IL   


Special Education Services (SES), an affiliate of The Menta Group, is a non-profit agency serving K-12 high-risk children in Illinois and Arizona.  With its no refusal, no suspension, no expulsion policy, SES students attend school daily regardless of their behavior.  A continuum of services is offered to meet the educational needs of special needs, at-risk and high-risk public school students. Small class size, intensive clinical services, and a competently trained staff of educators combine to make this a positive and dynamic place to learn. All children have a right to quality education services.


We are currently seeking qualified progressive applicants for the position of school social worker at the CORE Academy located in Aurora, Illinois. The curriculum is taught with an engaged learning methodology that nurtures academic, behavioral, and social-emotional growth. Our educational model encourages the development of academic and social-emotional skills in a positive and well-structured learning environment, with a focus on preparation for post-secondary education, employment, and citizenship. Programming is designed for students with significant cognitive, behavior, and learning difficulties. 


The life skills curriculum is individualized to meet each student's special needs with an emphasis on four major community living domains: self-management/home living, vocational, recreation/leisure, and general community functioning. It includes functional academics and embedded training in social-emotional skills, communication, and motor skills. The high school curriculum aids students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for success in post-secondary education and/or employment settings. For those students preparing to transition back to a public school setting, our transition specialist provides active support throughout the process.


Job Description

Clinicians provide building leadership to effectively help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  Clinical staff provides direct educational and mental health services for students, as well as work with parents, educators, and other professionals to create supportive academic learning and social environments for all students.

This includes data-based decision making and accountability, consultation and collaboration, interventions and instructional support to develop academic skills, school-wide practices to promote learning, interventions and mental health services to develop social and life skills, preventive and responsive services, family-school collaboration services, diversity in development and learning, research and program evaluation, and legal, ethical, and professional practice.

 Key Job Responsibilities:

  • State LSCW license or School Social Worker Professional Educator License (Type 73)

  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills

  • Strong consultative and data analysis abilities

  • Knowledge of special education laws and procedures

  • Creative thinker who can develop a wide range of interventions meeting the needs of a diverse student population

  • Excellent communicator

  • Experience creating and implementing FBAs/BIPs (preferred)

 This position offers access to medical, dental, vision plans, 403(b), sick pay, holiday pay, and personal/vacation days.  The salary range is competitive and depends on certification and qualifications. 


Apply at this web site:

Phone:  (630) 906-7900

Fax: (630) 906-7950