RN Registered Nurse-- Kindred Healthcare, Elizabethown, KY

RN Registered Nurse-- Kindred Healthcare, Elizabethown, KY

COMPANY NAME:   Kindred Healthcare

  JOB TITLE:   RN Registered Nurse- PRN All Shifts- Woodland Terrace, Elizabethtown, KY


     * Assesses, plans, coordinates and evaluates residents’ care along with members of the interdisciplinary team.

     * Documents the resident’s condition and nursing needs accurately and in a timely manner. Reports pertinent observations and reactions regarding residents promptly to Supervisor and Physician as necessary.

     * Receives and records physicians’ orders.

     * Communicates staffing problems and needs to the Nurse Manager.

     *  Provides input on staffing ratios and deployment.

     * Provides oncoming shift and supervisors with accurate and complete resident status report.  

     Maintains the 24 hour report book.

     * Develops work assignments for RNs, LPN/LVNs and Nurse Aides as directed.

     * Supervises, directs and evaluates staff (i.e., RNs, LPN/LVNs, Medicate Aides/Medication Techs, Nurses Aides, etc.) as directed. Participates in counseling, disciplinary action and termination of staff to the extent permitted by state practice act.

     * Assures compliance with policies and procedures.

     * Reports problems and complaints timely in the Nurse Manager.

     * Provides feedback to Nurse Managers regarding performance of RNs, LPN/LVNs and Nurse Aides.

     * Participates in hiring and selection of RNs, LPN/LVNs and Nurse Aides

     * Gives feedback and participates in performance appraisals as assigned.

     * Supervises nursing assignment, which includes directing assigned nursing staff to the extent permitted by state practice act.

     * Coordinates and performs admission, transfer and discharge or residents.

     * Completes all appropriate assessments relative to the resident’s status.

     * Maintains positive working relationships between nursing and other departments.

     * Actively supports the Angel Care Program.

     * Services on and participates in committees as assigned.

    * Assures that inventory and supplies are maintained in a clean and safe manner on the unit, are utilized economically; communicates need for housekeeping, maintenance & nutritional services.   

     * Supports and participates in the center’s Performance Improvement initiatives.

     * Participates in Survey readiness per SMART Manual

     * Completes records and reports as needed.

     * Adheres to professional codes of ethics, Kindred’s Code of Conduct and maintains PHI  confidentiality in the center and in external locations, including electronic social networks.

     * Provides direct care and/or assists with care as directed and consistent with their scope of practice and competency. Initiate the SBAR process and collaborate with the RN for assessment and recommendations.

     * Makes rounds with physicians and other team members as needed.

     * Assist physicians and consultants with special tests or procedures within the scope of state specific nurse practice act and personal clinical competency.

     * Coordinates resident assessments, recognizes the need to review and revise residents’ assessments as needed based upon resident condition.

     * Coordinates residents’ care activities and communicates changes to other team members and resident family/significant other.

     * Oversight of Medication Aide/Tech in medication/treatment administration.

     * Reviews, transcribes, communicates and implements physician orders, obtaining RN signature as required by State Regulations.

     * Communicates with resident’s physician.

     * Initiates, recommends, communicates and implements changes in residents’ care plans.

     * Assists with or institutes emergency measures for sudden adverse developments in residents. Directs and administers cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

     * Documents care performed and observations of resident status in the clinical record promptly by utilizing standard clinical documentation guidelines as required by Kindred, and local, state and federal rules and regulations.

     * Monitors completeness and accuracy of own clinical medical record entries and those of assigned staff daily.

     * Participates in medication management for optimal safety and effectiveness for residents by:

     * Administering medications as ordered, Notify Supervisor of medications not available.

     * Preparing, administering and documenting medications as prescribed.

     * Observing and reporting resident responses to medication

     * Identifying and promptly communicating adverse drug reactions

     * Initiate enteral or parenteral therapy as ordered

     * Maintaining narcotic records accurately

     * Responsible for completing medication interchange and insurance prior to    

     * Ordering or arranging for ordering of pharmaceuticals

     * Notifying physicians of automatic stop orders

     * Transcribe verbal orders obtained from other professionals

     * Completes recapitulated physician orders review as assigned

     * Notifying supervisors of discrepancies in drug inventories

     * Cleans, organizes,  replenishes supplies on medication/treatment carts before/after  shift change.

     *  Completes clinical admission paperwork for new admissions

     *  Initiates and assists consultants while providing services. Reviews documentation from consultant visit and follows up on recommendation.


·         Assist with follow up on results of qualitative and quantitative medical record audits.

·         Communicates and implements pharmacy review/DRR recommendation as assigned.

·         Assists with clinical discharge process

·         Administers treatments

·         Collect specimens as ordered.

·         Initiates, implements and monitors restorative and rehabilitative nursing programs




        * Graduate of accredited RN School of Nursing


        * Current RN Licensure in the State employed

        * Valid CPR verification


       * At least one (1) years of nursing experience preferred

       * Evidence of continuing education or special preparation or experience in gerontological nursing

         and/or long term care nursing desirable.




    STREETADDRESS: 1117 Woodland Drive,  Elizabethtown KY42701

    JOB# (REQUISITION NO): 127668