Patient Representative, Frost Arnett Co, Campbellsville KY

Patient Representative, Frost Arnett Co, Campbellsville KY

Position Title:  Patient Representative

Full-time or Part-time:  Full-time

Company Name:  Frost Arnett Company

Location of Job:  Campbellsville Ky

Company Address:  
1327 E Broadway Ste. B
City : Campbellsville
State : Kentucky
Zip Code : 42718

Contact Email Address:

 Contact Phone:  (800) 619-5487

Position Description:  Duties and Responsibilities
* Used software tools including: DM9, Epic, Citrix, Navinet, IDX, Avility, Hyperspace, Medipac,
Assist patients with balance after insurance
* Answer patient questions about problems with their accounts.
* Assist patients with explanation of balances due after insurance.
* Take and process insurance info
* Record and update information about the financial status of patient and payment efforts.
* Answer correspondence and write reports.
* Note address changes.
* Knowledge sets include: Internet browser software, Microsoft, Microsoft Outlook, Excel
* Able to multi-task multiple systems
* Training on-site for all positions
*CMA certificates would be a plus

Contact Name:  Deborah Burris

Website Address for Applying Online: