Pastoral Ministries

Campbellsville University’s Bachelor of Arts (or B.S.) in Pastoral Ministries offers a well-rounded curriculum that spans preaching, counseling, church management, and other spiritual disciplines. Available face-to-face on the main campus and at the Louisville Education Center, as well as fully online, it prepares students for a career as a local pastor, church planting leader, or religious counselor. With the pastoral ministries degree, we hope to train future leaders in Christ, at the local and international level.

To gain an intimate knowledge of the holy gospels, Campbellsville’s pastoral ministries degree requires 12 hours of biblical language study (B.A. only), which can incorporate Old Testament Hebrew, New Testament Greek, and an Approved Modern Language. To earn any undergraduate degree within CU’s School of Theology, students must also complete an 18-hour Christian Studies Core. This six-course segment spans Spiritual Formation, Christian Theology, Art of Reading the Bible, Church History, a Christian Studies internship, and an upper-division Old or New Testament course. In addition, 18 hours of upper-division requirements must be chosen from two sections, with courses that include Growing a Healthy Church, Christian Evangelism, and Hymnology.

Campbellsville also offers a Pastoral Ministries minor, which requires 9 hours of upper-division pastoral ministries courses. To obtain the minor, students do not need to fulfill any language prerequisites.

Faculty and Staff
Preparing future pastors in Kentucky and abroad, the program’s remarkable faculty is led by Professor Scott Wigginton (Ph.D.; Counseling Pastor at Campbellsville Baptist Church), Shane Garrison (Educational Ministries), and J. Anthony Hough (Ph.D.; Director of Missions, Shelby Baptist Association). Dr. John Hurtgen is the Dean of Campbellsville’s School of Theology.

Financial Aid
At Campbellsville, we aim to provide a quality university education that all students can afford. Currently, over 90% of the student body is receiving some form of financial aid. Every student is different, but aid packages may encompass grants, scholarships, student loans, work-study, and merit-based programs. We strive for a collegiate framework where all students can fulfill their academic dreams.

In addition, Campbellsville is blessed to provide financial assistance through the church and other Christian-based endowments. Regardless of Christian denomination, most of our student body is eligible for church-based aid. Visit this page for more details about our financial aid packages.

Students may select either B.S. or B.A. (12 hrs of Biblical languages) program options.

Online Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries

Online Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Ministries

Christian Studies Core Requirements (18 hrs)

CHS 211 Art of Reading the Bible
CHS 230 Spiritual Formation
CHS 365 Christian Studies Internship
CHS 432 Christian Theology
CHS 471 Church History
CHS        Upper Level Old or New Testament Course

Pastoral Ministries & Counseling Area, 57-69 hours
(includes at least 21 hours of Educational Ministries courses and 6 hours of related studies in Psychology)

Pastoral Ministries & Counseling Major, 36-48 hours (includes at least 15 hours of Pastoral Ministries & Counseling courses)

Pastoral Ministries & Counseling Minor, 27 hours
(includes at least 9 hours of Pastoral Ministries & Counseling courses)