New Students

Scheduling Courses in TigerNet

This tutorial explains how to enter your course schedule in TigerNet.

You will need...

  • The reference number for each course (five-digit number; also called Web Reg Number).
  • Your CU Student ID number.
  • Your CU Personal Identification Number (PIN).

To enter your course schedule....

  1. Aim your browser to
  2. From the icon list (left middle), click on TigerNet.  
  3. Log in with your CU Student ID number and PIN. (Your name will appear across the top of page.)
  4. Click the Academics tab from the horizontal list. (The Academics page will appear.)
  5. Click the Student - Semester Enrollment link from list on the left. (The Semester Enrollment page will appear.)
  6. Scroll down the page and find the Schedule Entry section box. 
  7. Click on the Add/Drop courses icon in the Schedule Entry section box. (A Schedule entry pages will appear.)
  8. Confirm the correct term appears in the gray Term box. 
  9. In the Add by Reference # section, enter the reference number for each course. Put each code in a separate box.
  10. Click the Add Courses button. (The screen will refresh.)
  11. Scroll to the bottom and confirm your courses under the heading Your Schedule - Registered.
  12. You can now log out of TigerNet or click on other links to perform other actions.

Need Pictures?

 Need to see it? Try our Quick Visual Reference Guide or video tutorial to enter your schedule.


Confirming TigerNet Access

When CU received your application it was validated in our system. This action auto-generates an email message that includes your CU ID Number and PIN (personal identification number). You will need these credentials to access TigerNet, our online app where you can access all aspects of your academic and financial information.

CU Student ID and PIN

  • Check your inbox for the message described above. Not there?
  • Check your junk/spam mail folder. Not there?
  • Contact Student Records to obtain this information.

TigerNet Access

Test your credentials (ID and PIN) to ensure they will allow you to access TigerNet.

  • Access TigerNet.
  • Log in with your credentials (top, middle)
  • Look for your name "Welcome back [name]" (top, middle)