Music Director/Information Technology/Minister of Children (Full Time) Buck Creek Baptist Church Calhoun, KY

Music Director/Information Technology/Minister of Children (Full Time) Buck Creek Baptist Church Calhoun, KY

Music Director/Information Technology/Minister of Children (Full Time)                                                  Buck Creek Baptist Church                                                           Calhoun, KY
Job Description
Principle Function: The Music Director is responsible to the pastor for the development and promotion of the music program of the church. The Music Director is also responsible for Information Technology in relation to training and the development of the sound system, electronic sign, and ongoing enhancement of the information technology system of the church.


* A degree in related field is preferred. Consideration will be given to candidates with equivalent experience.

* Has a divine call to lead, shepherd, develop new programs

* Possesses the ability to take responsibility and meet deadlines

* Ability to learn and develop new skills and adapt to diverse situations


* Direct the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluating of a comprehensive music program including choirs, vocal and/or instrumental ensembles.

* Cooperate with the church Nominating Committee to enlist and train leaders for the church music ministry including graded choir workers, song leaders, and accompanists for the church education organizations.

* Assist as needed, in music for weddings, funerals, special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities upon request.

* Plan, organize, and promote choir tours, mission trips, camps, festivals, workshops, clinics, and programs for the various choirs.

* Maintain music library, materials, supplies, musical instruments, and other equipment.

* Keep informed on music methods, materials, promotion, and administration.

* Prepare an annual music budget for approval; administer the approved budget.

* Work with the Children’s Advisory Council in planning, conducting and evaluating the Children’s ministry and in enlisting appropriate Children’s workers.

* Conduct special training projects for Children’s workers in proper relationship to the Comprehensive Children’s program.

* Advise in the use of program materials, equipment, supplies and space by Children’s groups in all church program organizations.

* Assist with planning and conducting special projects (such as camps and retreats) for Children’s program organization groups.

* Serve as ex officio member of the Church Council and coordinate the Children’s activities with the calendar and emphases of the church.

* Work with the Children’s Advisory Council to plan & administer the approved budget.

* Provide parents with a monthly calendar of Children’s events to effectively communicate important information (Children’s events, times, locations, ‘what to bring’ etc.)

* Responsible for all Information Technology

* Train and update all technology equipment of the church

Supervision: The Music Director/Information Technology/Minister of Children is under the supervision of the pastor of Buck Creek Baptist Church, providing leadership to the entire church through planning, coordinating, directing and evaluating the ministries of the church.

Send resumes to the following: Buck Creek Baptist Church
Attn: Personnel Comm.
3788 US 431
Calhoun, KY 42327