MML Curriculum

The masters in management and leadership curriculum spans 30 hours of required online coursework. Each session in the program is eight weeks long, and sessions are offered five times throughout the year. Here is an overview of the full masters in management and leadership: 

MML Curriculum

BA 606 Team Management
This course explores group development, coaching, and discipline when leading a team. Students will explore the psychological dynamics between leader and follower, either between two people, or between a leader and groups.

BA 607 Managerial Communication
This course examines the various forms of communication that occur in organizations — including written, verbal, non-verbal, meetings, presentations, and listening skills.

BA 608 Managing Diversity
This course examines our country’s history of diversity, focusing on the culture, communications, and values of our increasingly diverse workforce.

BA 611 Organization Theory
Taking an organic systems approach, this course prepares students with an overview of organizational structure, policy, and procedure, which informs our globalized world.

BA 614 Human Resource Management
Employment is a complex issue, and this course provides a foundation in smart management practices, training, compensation, and legal frameworks.

BA 616 Business Ethics
An overview of ethical principles that apply directly to work, corporate culture, and individuals in society.

BA 617 Leadership
This course is designed to showcase the leadership of individuals, teams, and organizations.

BA 625 Negotiation and Conflict Management
This course builds conflict management skills for use in business. It focuses on ethical negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and the ability to identify underlying conflict.

BA 631 Project Management
This course provides skills to meet project requirements, as they are outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PBOK).

BA 650 Management and Leadership Capstone
A synthesis of knowledge and skills gained in the program, realized in a publishable manuscript, guided project, or professional seminar. Students must receive permission from their instructor before beginning their Capstone.