Master of Marriage and Family Therapy

Academic Track



The goal of the Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) is to enhance career opportunities and prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to counsel in a variety of occupational venues. The MFT program melds the qualifications of three different disciplines to prepare counselors. The MFT is offered by Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, and Theology faculty, academically and experientially qualified to teach the counseling curricula.


As a service and leadership institution, Campbellsville University’s mission of academic excellence, scholarship, and continued life-long learning in a Christian environment is well met. To fulfill this mission, the objectives of the MFT program are to prepare generalist counselors for career advancement;

  1. To prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills to counsel individuals, families, and groups;
  2. To prepare ethical generalist counselors with or without specialized interest in Marriage and Family Counseling;
  3. To prepare graduate level counselors to make contributions to their communities, churches, government agencies, and society through service.

The courses are instructed in terms using a combined evening and online format to accommodate students working in full-time employment. More importantly, the graduate program contributes to a need in Central Kentucky and provides additional education opportunities for residents in this region.

Program Entrance Requirements

Applicants submit completed materials directly to the Campbellsville University’s Admission Office. Download printable forms from menu on left.    

  1. Application for Graduate Admissions 
  2. Official transcript(s)
  3. Reference Form (Three reference forms required)
  4. Letter of Interest Rubric (100 points possible)

 A 500-750 word essay that:

10 points: Discuss your embrace of the mission of Campbellsville University and the mission and goals of the MFT Program
30 points: Describe how your life experiences have prepared you for the counseling program and profession
20 points: What characteristics do you possess that make you suitable for the counseling profession
20 points: Write about one challenge that absorbs a great deal of your time and attention
20 points: Name of applicant identified in the header, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, paragraph transition and orderly flow of the essay                                                                                                 

Once all materials are submitted to the Office of Admissions, they are forwarded to the director of the Marriage and Family Therapy program. The next step in the process is a representative of the Marriage and Family Therapy program whereby an interview between the applicant and the MFT Admission Committee is arranged. All applicants must interview with the MFT Graduate Admission Committee.

The Admissions Committee consists of the MFT Program Director and faculty members who teach in the MFT program. Each member reviews the application materials and bases student selection on application criteria and the applicant’s interview. Applicants are notified after the personal interview of the following:

  1. Unconditional acceptance;
  2. Conditional acceptance, specifying conditions that must be improved or corrected;
  3. Denial

Applications can be submitted at any time.

Application materials are reviewed and program acceptance is determined one month prior to the start of any graduate term. If application materials are received after the one month cut-off date, the student will be considered for entry into the next upcoming enrollment term.

Program Dissemination

One-third of the MFT core curriculum is taught online in a web-assisted format. The remaining core and respective track content is conveyed in the evening on campus  and/or online format to accommodate the working graduate student. Content is presented by a team of doctoral faculty (not graduate assistants or student interns) from the previously mentioned  disciplines.