Meet Our Students

It's All About the Students!

For CU's political science program, student success is our primary concern!

The job market for college graduates is tough, and so are graduate school admissions policies.  This is why we want you to have every opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills you need for your future.  Classroom learning is part of the story, but applied learning is where students show they can use their knowledge in ways that employers and graduate programs demand.  From research and presentations to simulations and project development, CU political science provides multiple opportunities for students to develop the skills they need to succeed. 

Our approach to education works.  In addition to successful job placements in Frankfurt and Washington, D.C., recent CU Political Science and Homeland Security students have been accepted to a number of great graduate schools.  Some of our recent grade school acceptances include:

University of Kentucky
College of Law
George Washington University  Institute of World Politics 
University of Louisville
School of Law

University of Kentucky-
Patterson School of Diplomacy

University of Maryland

Chase College of Law at
The University of Northern Kentucky

University of Kentucky-
Martin School of Public Policy and Administration