Long-Distance Learner: The Benefits of Enrolling in an Online Degree Program

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Long-Distance Learner: The Benefits of Enrolling in an Online Degree Program

Typically, when we think of the college experience, we picture leafy lawns, students frolicking from class to class, and an ideal atmosphere for socializing. However, those benefits come at a cost — namely, large tuition payments and a full-time course schedule, which working adults may find difficult to implement into their busy lives. On the other hand, online programs offer a long list of advantages for continuing students. Below, we’ve showcased just a few reasons why an online degree may be the best option for you.

1. Flexible Schedule: During a normal college semester, every week is scheduled with lectures, homework assignments, reading, and periodic exams. On the other hand, online courses allow you to create your own schedule. For example, if you work during the week, you’ll have the ability to watch online lectures and read new chapters at night and on weekends. Whenever you have free time, you can log back into the program and continue studying. It’s highly convenient, and lacks the intimidation factor that a full-time college workload entails — especially for adult learners that are coming back to school after years in the workforce.

2. Opportunities to Choose Courses: Some colleges in your area might not offer the exact courses you want, but an online program will provide a much wider selection. You’ll be able to tailor a curriculum around your passions, choosing topics that inspire you instead of taking mandatory course sequences that the college dictates. With an online program, there are so many quality courses to choose from.

3. Work from Anywhere: Commuting to college can cost precious time and money, but online programs allow you to work wherever there’s a computer. Instead of living in a dorm, you can save money by staying at home and focusing on your studies. You’ll also have the flexibility to travel as you learn, in case you want to visit relatives, go on a backpacking trip, or enroll in an internship program in another part of the world.

4. Lower Your Costs: Generally, online degrees cost far less than a traditional college program. The price per unit tends to be lower, and virtual students don’t have to worry about exorbitant dorm costs, meal plans, or gym fees. This all factors into your college tuition, so if you’re not interested in attending sports games, on-campus concerts, and other events, stick to an online program and save your money.

5. Study at Your Pace: Finally, being on a flexible academic schedule will allow you to study at your own speed. If you’re raising children, have a small business, or just want to take a few classes to learn certain skills, you’ll be able to cherry-pick courses and make them a smaller priority in your life. In a normal college environment, it’s not as easy to be a part-time student, because you still have assignment due dates and mandatory lectures. Online programs are far more accommodating, and it’s by design.