Listening Resources

ESL Listening is a site with songs, poems, podcasts, etc. designed to help you with your listening and comprehension skills through video and audio tools. allows you to focus on certain passages and learn a number of different topics. Passages use different accents and genders to give you a wide range of dialects.

The BBC offers language learning tools on their site.  This link connects to their listening resources (podcasts, learning programs, etc.) scripts and audio files available. has hundreds of videos to help you with pronunciation, vocabulary, tongue twisters, idioms, phrasal verbs, and more. 

Famous Speeches has a list of 100 of the most famous speeches in American history. 

Listen While You Read is a powerful resource for English leanrers to read and listen to a variety of passages at different speeds.

The California Distance Learning Project is a site designed to help language learners in all aspects of their learning. Read and listen to articles about money, work, travel, family, and much more. is an easy to use site with streaming audio and transcripts of the conversation. Very useful!

Everyday English is a great site with video of people speaking English in their everyday setting. Watching videos like this allow you to hear normal speech patterns and a variety of accents. 

"Build up" your phrasal verbs with's phrasal verb videos

English Podcasts creates several types of videos and audio lessons to help English learners quickly by creating content that is easy to understand and integrate into everyday life.

Listening Lab

Take quizzes of your reading and listen to different scenarios on Randall's Cyber Listening Lab.