The Campbellsville Review is the scholarly publication and the journal of record for the Campbellsville University community. Published yearly, the Review presents articles reflecting the research interests of faculty members, students, staff, alumni, and visiting scholars. Each issue features works on a variety of topics, both discipline specific and interdisciplinary, including state-of-the-field essays, creative works, broadly inclusive book reviews, and reviews of films, museum exhibitions, and Web sites.

Volume 6, 2010-2012 

King James at 400: 900 Years of Getting the Bible into "English": An Illustrated Lecture, by Joel F. Drinkard, Jr. 
pp. 1-32 Read Online PDF

The Prodigal Printer Henry Hills-The Baptist Publisher of the King James Bible, by Larry Kreitzer pp. 33-49 Read Online PDF

The King James Bible: Translating as a Political Act,
by Glen Edward Taul
pp. 51-65 Read Online PDF

Anchor Point: The King James Bible and English Literature,
by Robert L. Doty
pp. 67-77 Read Online PDF

The Sacred Oratorio: Handel and the King James Bible,
by Deborah Rooke
pp. 79-92 Read Online PDF

Religious Freedom and Tolerance, by Suzan Johnson Cook
pp. 93-98 Read Online PDF

My View of the Next "Greatest Generation" (as seen on November 12, 2008), by Judith Collins McCormick
pp. 99-107 Read Online PDF

Imprint, by Judith Collins McCormick
p. 109 Read Online PDF

Songs and Music of World War II, by Jean Oostens
pp. 111-126 Read Online PDF

Singing Globally: Expanding Congregational Music,
by Melissa Askew
pp. 127-142 Read Online PDF

Are Christian-Affiliated Universities Equipping Business Students from a Biblical Perspective, by Richard E. Corum
pp. 143-154 Read Online PDF

A Historical Introduction and Study of the Music Program at the Kentucky School for the Deaf (Abstract), by Cristina Soares da Silva
p. 155 Read Online PDF

pp. 157-158 Read Online PDF

Postscript, by Wesley Roberts
pp. 159-161 Read Online PDF

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Volume 5, 2009-2010

The Future of Baptist Theology with a Look at Its Past, by James Leo Garrett, Jr.
pp. 1-12 Read Online PDF

Perspective and Passion Impact the World
, by Darlene Eastridge
pp. 13-21 Read Online PDF

Social Networks: Is it My Information, Our Information, or Theirs?
 by John R. Burch, Jr.
pp. 23-37 Read Online PDF

Georges Lemaitre and the Age of the Universe
, by Jean Oostens
pp. 39-49 Read Online PDF

Micro-Pollutants: An Emerging Concern for Aquatic Organisms
, by Ogochukwu Onyiri
pp. 51-60 Read Online PDF

Three Poems on Nigeria, by Robert L. Doty
pp. 61-62 Read Online PDF

Taxonomies for Church-Related Schools: How Christian Colleges and Their Denominations Relate
by Michael Shane Garrison. pp. 63-72 Read Online PDF

Boy, (Achtung) Baby, Bomb: Anti-Language in the Songs of U-2
, by John F. Hurtgen
pp. 73-91 Read Online PDF

Microeconomic Issues: Overview of Poverty Around the World and Analytical Discussion of Poverty in the United States
, by Sunny Onyiri
pp. 93-114 Read Online PDF

Deng Yu-Xian (1906-1944): Composer of Taiwanese Ballads
(Abstract), by Yun-Hsuan Huang
p. 115 Read Online PDF

Vocal Health for the Minister of Music: Developing Lifestyle Behaviors for a Lifetime of Singing
(Abstract), by Robin Kaye Waggoner
p. 117 Read Online PDF

pp. 119-120 Read Online PDF

, by M. Wesley Roberts
pp. 121-122 Read Online PDF

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Volume 4, 2007-2009

The Role of Tradition in Baptist Identity, by William H. Brackney
pp. 1-17 Read Online PDF

Honoring Baptists: a Community Service Celebrating 400 Years of Baptist Heritage, 1609-2009, by Robert L. Doty
pp. 19-27 Read Online PDF

What a Memorial! by Neville Callam 
pp. 29-34 Read Online PDF

Jesus' Death, Martyr Theology, and Exemplary Suffering: A Fresh Exegesis of 1 Peter 2: 18-25,
by Jarvis J. Williams
pp. 35-52 Read Online PDF

Living the Abundant Life, by Michael Arrington
pp. 53-61 Read Online PDF

Lost by Allusion, by Robert VanEst
pp. 63-85 Read Online PDF

The Cognitive Development of Collegiate Students: A Brief Literature Review, by Michael Shane Garrison
pp. 87-100 Read Online PDF

The Paradox of Abundant Oil: The Case of the Niger Delta in Nigeria, by Sunny Onyiri
pp. 101-118 Read Online PDF

New Approaches to Twenty-First Century Research: Reading Music through Different Lenses,
by Yawen Ludden
pp. 119- 123 Read Online PDF

Religion in Brazil's Free Market of Faith, by Maria Enedina Lima Bezerra
pp. 125-134 Read Online PDF

Errata--Revisiting the Voice of the Loon
p. 135 Read Online PDF

pp. 137-139 Read Online PDF

Postscript, by M. Wesley Roberts
pp. 141-142 Read Online PDF

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Volume 3, 2005-2007

From the Editor, by Wesley Roberts
pp. 1-2 Read Online PDF

The Ransdell Chapel Story, by Michael V. Carter
pp. 3-10 Read Online PDF

Farrand and Votey Organ Installed in Ransdell Chapel, by Wesley Roberts
pp. 11-20 Read Online PDF

You May Not Know Where You Are Going Until You Get There So Don't Be Surprised If You End Up Somewhere Else, by E. Bruce Heilman
pp. 21-28 Read Online PDF

Redeem the Time, Buy a "Compelling Future", by John Hurtgen
pp. 29-34 Read Online PDF

Voice of the Loon, by Robert L. Doty
p. 35 Read Online PDF

Causes and Lessons of the Holocaust, by Victoria J. Barnett
pp. 37-48 Read Online PDF

Correlates of Violence Against Married Women in the Maseno and Nairobi Areas of Kenya, by Jaoko Japheth
pp. 49-58 Read Online PDF

Kingsway, by Robert L. Doty
p. 59 Read Online PDF

A Study of Motivation and Self-Efficacy in University Students, by Teresa Phillips Spurling
pp. 61-70 Read Online PDF

Organizational Culture of Educational Non-Government Organizations in Post-Soviet Azerbaijan, by Eddie McGee
pp. 71-86 Read Online PDF

[Untitled]-Pen and Ink Drawing, by Linda J. Cundiff
pp. 87-88 Read Online PDF

Christian Missions in Taiwan as a Model for Evangelizing China (Abstract), by Kwok-Sing Cheung
p.89 Read Online PDF

Borjel Barajneb Palestinian Refugee Camp: Missiological Strategies, 1948-2000 (Abstract), by Labreeska Hensley
pp. 90-91 Read Online PDF

Sharing Wisdom: A Summary of Theories on the Exchange of Wisdom Between the Sayings of the Wise and the Instruction of Amenemope (Abstract),  by Damian Dewayne Phillips
p. 92 Read Online PDF

p. 93 Read Online PDF

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Volume 2, 2003-2005

The Three Visions in Worship, by C. Welton Gaddy
pp. 1-6 Read Online PDF

The Primacy of Worship in the Life of the Church, by C. Welton Gaddy
pp. 7-16 Read Online PDF

The Work of Worship, by C. Welton Gaddy
pp. 17-20 Read Online PDF

Reflections on Tradition and History, by Wilfred M. McClay
pp. 21-39 Read Online PDF

Writing Across the Curriculum: A Review of the Literature, by Beth Kemper
pp. 41- 57 Read Online PDF

Fame, Fortune, and Anomie: A Social Psychological Analysis of Deviance in the NFL, by Eric M. Carter and Michael V. Carter
pp. 59-83 Read Online PDF

The Just War Tradition and the War on Terrorism, by Kenneth B McIntyre
pp. 85-98 Read Online PDF

John Philip Kemble's Coriolanus, by Mary Jane Chaffee
pp. 99-117 Read Online PDF

The Euro: From Conception to Circulation of a Common European Currency, by Donna Pirouz
pp. 119-135 Read Online PDF

Piney Ridge Triology: Janice Holt Giles' Essay of Place, by Clara Metzmeier
pp. 137-145 Read Online PDF

Images of a King's Relationship with His Soldiers: A Character Study in the David Narratives, by J. Dwayne Howell
pp. 147-162 Read Online PDF

Life Lessons Taught to me By 'Miss June', by John Mark Carter
pp. 163-164 Read Online PDF

Chimurenga Music in Zimbabwe, by Anne Gibbs
pp. 165-176 Read Online PDF

Master's Theses Abstracts
pp. 177-179 Read Online PDF

p. 181 Read Online PDF

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Volume 1, Fall 2003

Editor's Word
pp. iii-v Read Online  PDF

A Presidential Word
p. vi Read Online (Searchable) PDF

What Does It Mean to be Educated? by W. Morgan Patterson
pp. 1-9 Read Online  PDF

Things I Learned, by Gregory Mobley
pp. 11-19 Read Online PDF

The Author and Book of the Century: J.R.R. Tolkein and The Lord of the Rings, by Perry C. Bramlett
pp. 21-36 Read Online PDF

The "Night Shadows" Passage in A Tale of Two Cities: Narrative Anxiety and Conscious Fiction-Building, by Beth Graham
pp. 37-45 Read Online PDF

On Holy Ground, by Robert L. Doty
pp. 47-55 Read Online PDF

An Understanding of the GER in Leviticus 19:33 and 34 and the Treatment of the Immigrant, by J. Dwayne Howell
pp. 57-70 Read Online PDF

An Evangelical Theology for a Postmodern Age: Stanley J. Grenz's Current Theological Project, by Mark S. Medley
pp. 71-87 Read Online PDF

Attitudes of Christian College Students:  How Do They View the Mentally Ill? by Jennifer O'Nan
89-97 Read Online PDF

p. 99 Read Online  PDF

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