Industrial Engineer (full-time), Pan Oston, Bowling Green KY

Industrial Engineer (full-time), Pan Oston, Bowling Green KY

Position Title:  Industrial Engineer

Full-time or Part-time:  Full-time

Company Name:  Pan Oston

Location of Job:  Bowling Green

Company Address: 
9644 Louisville Road
City : Bowling Green
State : Kentucky
Zip Code : 42101

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Position Description:  PURPOSE OF POSITION:

The purpose of this position is to provide engineering support to all manufacturing engineering and maintenance requirements of company.


This position primarily works to improve and manage manufacturing processes for Pan-Oston. The position is primarily concerned with finding ways to better utilize employees, machinery and other assets to improve operations within a plant or similar facility. This position will studies reports related to process efficiency within a section of the plant or the entire facility; it examine the rates of current production, looking at factors such as speed, quality control and worker safety. The position will then work on strategies to make improvements, which could include improved or continued worker training, staffing and scheduling changes, or using new machine tools or maintenance on existing hardware. This position helps to design and implement the new processes required. This could include research and purchasing decisions, assessing costs and looking specifically at personnel costs for staffing and training


1) Increase production productivity by implementing better labor or production processes.

2) Determine quality and reliability requirements of the product in production.

3) Determine effective standards of production, staffing requirements and manufacturing methods through statistical and mathematical calculations.

4) Plan layouts of moderately complex equipment, office and production facilities.

5) Conducts studies to ascertain the best sequence of operations and work flow.

6) Estimates cost for assigned projects.

7) Plans and implements waste savings