About the Program

“An historian should yield himself to his subject, become immersed in the place and period of his choice, standing apart from it now and then for a fresh view.”  Samuel Eliot Morison

“Each age tries to form its own conception of the past.  Each age writes the history of the past anew with reference to the conditions uppermost in its own time.”  Fredrick Jackson Turner

Students who choose to study history gain a broad perspective on the human past and a clear understanding of how people in the past and present relate to the world around them.  Campbellsville University’s History Program provides students the ability to think critically, skills to research and write, and opportunities to travel to various places around the United States and abroad.  These experiences give our students the   foundation to enter into a wide spectrum of career paths including but not limited to the ministry, diplomacy, journalism, law, business, and teaching.