Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) with emphasis in Healthcare Management

The mission of the Healthcare Management Program is to provide students with the specialized knowledge required to operate in a variety of healthcare settings.  Students will be exposed to the terminology and given the opportunity to analyze and synthesize data in specific healthcare situations.

The program consists of 120 total credit hours: 44 hours of general education, 33 hours of core requirements, 30 hours of emphasis requirements, and 13 hours of elective requirements.

Core Requirements (33 hours):

Each course is 3 hours

ACC 223         Principles of Accounting I
ACC 224         Principles of Accounting II
BA 301            Principles of Marketing
BA 303            Business Law I
BA 311            Principles of Management
BA 324            Introduction to Finance
BA/CIS 360 Principles of MIS
BA 498            Business Capstone
BIT 320           Microcomputer Applications
ECO 222         Microeconomics
ECO 361         Social Statistics

Emphasis Requirements (30 hours):

Each course is 3 hours

BA 300            Contemporary Healthcare Management
BA 325            Legal and Ethical Environment of HCM
BA 350            Health Policy and Politics
BA 375            Health Economics
BA 400            Financial Management in Healthcare
BA 425            Health Services Information Management
BA 450            Strategic Healthcare Management
BA 385/485    Healthcare Management Internship

General Education Requirements - 44 hours
Must include ECO 221 Macroeconomics and MTH 111 College Algebra

Electives – 13 hours