Faculty Retreats

Twice a year, a small group of faculty members are recruited to attend an intense two-day off-campus working retreat that focuses on: writing across the curriculum, assignment and rubric construction, challenges related to student writing, and strategies for engaging student learning through the use of writing. It is our goal that eventually all faculty members will have participated and brought back additional knowledge and resources for their classrooms.

These  retreats are held at the Cumberland Falls State Park, which offers attendees nice accommodations, good food and beautiful vistas. The two-day retreats are usually facilitated by Dr. Ellen Millsaps, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at Carson-Newman College. She brings extensive experience on writing, rubric and assignment construction, as well as grading and student engagement tips. The retreats are held in the Spring/Summer and again in the fall. There is a one-time faculty stipend for attending a retreat.

For information on attending a retreat, please contact Peggy Stotts, 270-789-5483.