Embrace the Exceptional. Work at Camp Ramapo, Full-Time,Ramapo for Children,Rhinebeck, NY

Embrace the Exceptional. Work at Camp Ramapo, Full-Time,Ramapo for Children,Rhinebeck, NY

Position Title: Embrace the Exceptional. Work at Camp Ramapo.

Full-time or Part-time: Full-time

Company Name: Ramapo for Children

Location of Job: Rhinebeck, NY

Company Address:
: 101 Anchorage Trail
: PO box 226
City : Rhinebeck
State : New York
Zip Code : 12572

Contact Email Address: office@ramapoforchildren.org


Contact Phone: (845) 876-8403


Position Description: • Ramapo for Children offers college students a valuable and highly unique summer job experience through one of our programs: Camp Ramapo.
• Ramapo runs one of the few residential summer camps that specifically serves children with social, emotional, and learning challenges. At our camp, staff members believe that all children want to succeed, and embrace the challenges of working with special needs children. Many of our staff alumni describe their work at Ramapo as having been a formative experience, and have gone on to be teachers, psychologists, social workers, organization directors, and even founders of national service nonprofits.
• Camp Ramapo has a one-to-one staff-to-camper ratio that not only helps children who need more supervision and support, but also provides staff members with the intensive, hands-on experience that they need to grow professionally.
• Staff members receive the same state-of-the-art training that we provide to teachers and other youth-service professionals already working in the field. This training equips them with practical techniques to build positive relationships, create supportive environments for children with special needs, and grow to become leaders in the field.
• Summer staff lives on the Rhinebeck campus from June–August working to make lasting contributions to children with social, emotional, or learning challenges. Ramapo has a 1:1 staff-to-camper ratio to benefit children who need more support, supervision, and attention. You will lead activities and serve as a role model to these children.
• In addition, students can gain up to 9 hours of course credit by taking Ramapo’s on-site college course through the National College Credit Recommendation Service. On their transcript, the course will be listed through Excelsior College of the University of the State of New York and can be credited as: Education, Special Education, Educational Psychology, Therapeutic Recreation, Group Dynamics, Outdoor Recreation, Physical Education, Recreation, Camp Counseling, or Community Service. Departments may also have a fieldwork or independent study course which can be combined with this work.

Contact Name: Jessica Humes-Delgado

Website Address for Applying Online: https://ramapo.campintouch.com/ui/forms/application/staff/App