Director Of Music, Part-time, Dover Chapel, Louisville, KY

Director Of Music, Part-time, Dover Chapel, Louisville, KY

Director Of Music,   Part-time,    Dover Chapel,    Louisville, KY

Position Description: Responsibilities:
*Select and plan music for Sunday services. Oversee and direct supporting
musicians. Have powerpoint or other worship software prepared and ready for
each Sunday.
*Lead the congregation in worship through song and scripture.
*Lead worship from the keyboard or guitar.
*Select and plan, oversee and direct music and rehearsals for established
Special or Holiday Services (holiday services, Easter Pageant, for example)
*Participate in the creative planning of the Sunday and special services with the
*Develop/oversee and rehearse musical teams and ensembles .
*Select and plan the music for the adult choir/ direct the choir.
*Develop/Oversee/and or direct a music program for the elementary aged. (a
children’s choir, for example)
* Maintain a strong prayer base for the music ministry.
*Communicate faithfully with the Pastor and Deacons.
* Participate in the life and ministry of the church.

* Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
*Love and respect for people. Sense of humor, patience, ability to work with
varying personalities and musical abilities
*Self starter, self motivated, creative, Strong team player, servant minded.
*Ability in wide range of styles including Christian classics (hymns) but with a
focus on contemporary music.
*Ability to lead worship and to train others as individual and team worship
*Proficient/professional keyboard (preferred) or guitar player.
*Programming and sequencing music by keys and theme.
*Experienced in powerpoint or other worship software programs
*Producing and directing special events, musicals and programs.
*Experience with technical aspects of contemporary services: for example,
sound boards, theater lights, video editing, etc.—a plus.
***Degree in music or lifelong hands on experience as a church lay leader

Contact Name: John Frazier
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Company Address:
: 4323 Dover Road
City : Louisville
State : Kentucky
Zip Code : 40216