Digital Assistant (entry level full-time) Current360 Marketing, Louisville KY

Digital Assistant (entry level full-time) Current360 Marketing, Louisville KY

Digital Assistant,      Louisville KY

Industry: Marketing and Advertising

Employment type: Full-time

Experience:  Entry level

Job function:  Marketing,Advertising

Louisville, Kentucky Area

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Job description

The Digital Assistant is responsible for assisting the Interactive Marketing Director in the successful application of digital strategy for client brands. The role requires an individual with an attention to detail, and a progressive thinker who can connect digital to all other aspects of a client business and assist the Interactive Marketing Director in driving growth opportunities.

 The Digital Assistant manages the strategies and tactics that bridge web, mobile, creative and digital media. This person contributes to the development of processes and manages the every day needs of these processes to make sure that tasks stay on time and within scope. This person must have a love of the new, a passion for digital trends, and an understanding of consumers and brands.

 The Digital Assistant maintains digital strategies for clients that form part of overall website development, email marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) and business strategies. This person makes recommendations on process improvement techniques. 


The Digital Assistant works within the Interactive department, serves as an assistant to the Interactive Marketing Director and works closely with the agency’s account directors and account teams.

 Reports to: Interactive Marketing Director/VP, Digital

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Nathan Spry

Vice President, Digital at Current360
Louisville, Kentucky
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