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Welcome Online Students

Use the links at left to access specific tools, services, and information regarding online courses.

Additional information is provided below to help you navigate while learning online at Campbellsville.

Course Access: Students typically receive access to their courses one week prior to the start of the term in which their course is offered.  (Terms start on Monday unless a holiday falls on Monday. Then the term will start on the following Tuesday.)

PIN: Your PIN number is issued by the Office of Student Records (OSR). If you lose or forget your PIN, it can be changed upon request by OSR; however, it must be issued to you either in person,or via email (to an address already on file).  PINs ARE NOT ISSUED BY PHONE. Guard your PIN as you would any password to any website.

**If you see a list of dates as blue hyperlinks, this means your courses have not been added to your Moodle account yet.  Do not click on a date link and attempt to add course(s) to your Moodle account.  This is an administrative function that you cannot perform.

Student Email

The Online Education office strongly recommends the use of student email accounts.
Need one? Start here. (Email account information is at the bottom of the page.)

Responsibilities of the Online Learner

The following items apply to the student in an online degree or an online course.

The student is responsible…

  1. To have consistent and easy access to a personal computer (Windows or Mac) with a reliable high-speed Internet connection.
  2. For gaining access to online courses in the learning management system (LMS).
  3. To acquire all course materials (textbooks, software, etc.) in a timely manner.
  4. To know and abide by all applicable policies and procedures as prescribed in the Bulletin-Catalog, Online Student Handbook and individual course syllabi.
  5. For acquiring and maintaining the knowledge base needed to operate successfully in an online course/program.
  6. For communication to and from the instructor via the LMS and the CU student e-mail address.
  7. To access the online course regularly and complete course activities on time regardless of equipment/technology problems.
  8. For observing deadlines as stated on the academic calendar and in individual course syllabi.
  9. To communicate hardships with the advisor and instructor(s) immediately.
  10. For paying the online technology fee, if applicable.

A more detailed explanation of policies and procedures governing online courses and degrees is provided in the Online Student Handbook.


Main Campus Students Online Course Limits

Effective 2011-12 Academic Year
Students who are registered and coded as "on campus" students will be limited to registering for a maximum of six on-line credit hours per semester. Freshman will not be allowed to enroll in any on-line courses during their first semester of study. There is no limitation on summer enrollment in on-line courses. Exceptions must be approved by the respective dean.

Tracking Your Application Status

You can use TigerNet to determine the status of your application.

There are two things you can do:

  1. View your admissions status
  2. View required documents for your admissions file

Here's how to access both functions:

Application Requirement List in TigerNET

  1. Aim your browser to;
  2. Log in with your ID and PIN (emailed to you when you applied).
  3. Click “Future Students” (top menu)
  4. Click “View Admissions Status” (left menu)
  5. Click on either the "View Admissions status" or “View Folder Items” hyperlinks.


Your Grades and Your Financial Aid: Closely Linked

The federal government has put limits in place on the amount of financial aid you can receive. These limits are linked to both your grades in your courses and to the progress you are making toward your degree.

It is your responsibility to know and understand the regulations regarding academic progress and its link to your financial aid in order to avoid suspension of your financial aid.

We encourage you to read this document about satisfactory academic progress for financial aid. Direct any questions to CUOnline's financial aid counselor at 270-789-5354 or


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