CU recognizes international students for completion of ESL, BIMS

CU recognizes international students for completion of ESL, BIMS

July 29, 2015
For Immediate Release

By Jordan Antle, communications assistant

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Several students were recognized for their hard work on July 24, by the Campbellsville University English as a Second Language Institute in the Mobley Theater of the Alumni Building.
Three students achieved completion of the ESL program while 15 others received Beijing Information Management Schools (BIMS) participation certificates during the ceremony.

Tim Hooker, ESL programs director and instructor in ESL, welcomed those attending. “It’s a special time for you all. I would like to thank everyone who has come today,” Hooker said.

Campbellsville University awarded those in the English as a Second Language program with
Beijing Information Management Schools participation certificates for the first time. Students
from left include: First row -- Liu Ximan, Ma Yuwei, Zhao Tianjing, Fan Yi, Ma JiaJun and
Tian Ye. Second row -- Zhai Yifan, Bo Haoran, Song Chiqiao, Mao Tong, Liu JiaYi and Sun
Qiao. Third row -- Jin Yuxiang, Han Hao, Gu Xin and Guo Tianhao (Campbellsville University
Photo by Jordan Antle)

This ceremony marked the first year Campbellsville University’s ESL Institute has handed out special certificates to BIMS students.

Dr. Donna Hedgepath, vice president for academic affairs, spoke about the importance of continuing to acquire knowledge.

“We are always in the process of learning new things. It’s hard work, and it seems daunting learning to speak more than one language,” Hedgepath said. “Hopefully as you learn from us, we learn from you as well. I’m excited that some of you might become CU Tigers in the future.”

Maryann Matheny, ESL endorsement specialist and instructor in ESL, called the names of students as they were recognized, while Hooker and Andrea Giordano, assistant director of ESL and instructor in ESL, presented their certificates.


Mi Yingxin, left, Liu Ximan and Iku Kamata, right, pose with their
certificates as they graduate from the English as a Second Language
program at Campbellsville University. (Campbellsville University
Photo by Jordan Antle)

Those honored were Iku Kamata of Japan and Lui Ximan and Mi Yingxin from China for the completion of the ESL certificates.

BIMs students included the following, all of whom are from China: Bo Haoran, Fan Yi, Gu Xin, Guo Tianhao, Han Hao, Jin Yuxiang, Liu JiaYi, Ma JiaJun, Ma Yuwei, Mao Tong, Song Chuqiao, Sun Qiao, Tian Ye, Zhai Yifan and Zhao Tianjing.

Dennis Paiva, director of international education, closed the ceremony.

“If you are able to communicate, you are able to do anything,” Paiva said. “Congratulations to each of you for your effort and your participation.”

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