Course Descriptions

MBA Course Descriptions

ACC 601 Managerial Accounting - 3 credit hours
A study of accounting systems as effective tools for coordinating and organizing management activities including activity based accounting, life cycle accounting, just in time accounting and inventory systems, variance analysis, and capital investment decisions.

ACC 624 Controllership - 3 credit hours
This course examines the role of the financial controller in the organization with emphasis upon both traditional and contemporary analytical tools of financial analysis and decision-making.

ACC 640 Financial Reporting and Disclosures - 3 credit hours
The course will cover an in-depth examination of financial report disclosures, with an emphasis on how firms use financial reporting for issuers and nonissuers of financial statements.  The course will use a combination of textbook problems, case studies, and most importantly, actual financial report disclosures.  The course is geared toward students going into public accounting, investment banking, equity research, or consulting.

ACC 660 Advanced Auditing Issues: Fraud Investigation and Forensic Analysis - 3 credit hours
Students in this course will examine the nature of fraud in a business setting.  Topics explored include prevention, detection and investigation, and the resolution of cases of fraud that may be found in the corporate world.  The course will help differentiate types of fraud found in organizational management and consumer instances, as well as other possible fraudulent acts, and how to react to discovered fraud as an auditing interest.  Delineation on how, why, and what to do when fraud is uncovered in a corporation will also be discussed.

BA 600 Entrepreneurship - 3 credit hours
This course examines the factors for success in venture creation and survival focusing specifically upon tools and strategies for planning, implementing, resourcing and growing organizations.

BA 601 Marketing Management - 3 credit hours
A study of strategic and tactical issues in marketing management including, resource allocation, market segmentation, development of marketing strategy, market planning and implementation of marketing strategies and plans through development of the marketing mix, the product mix, the promotion mix, the distribution strategy and the pricing strategy, and integration of the marketing function within the organization.

BA 602 Management Information Systems - 3 credit hours
The design of computer based information systems to increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency in the development and implementation of organizational strategy and the control and evaluation of organizational activities. Attention is devoted to decision support systems that support empowerment of individuals in agile organizations.

BA 603 Healthcare Marketing - 3 credit hours
Using care analysis, this course explores how marketing principles apply to management decisions. It covers product development, pricing and distribution, consumer behavior analysis, market definition and forecasting and development of marketing plans focusing on application of these concepts to healthcare organizations.

BA 604 Healthcare Finance - 3 credit hours
This course addresses the processes and methods of financial management of healthcare institutions. The financial decision-making tools of costing, cost allocation, break-even analysis, short-term financial decision making, variance analysis, and business plans are covered. Cash flow and working capital management, and sources of long-term financing are also discussed, along with financial management concepts for managed care.

BA 605 Healthcare Policy - 3 credit hours
This course analyzes the healthcare system in the United States, focusing on analysis and critique of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, commercial vs. government payment mechanisms, and national health planning. The course also compares the U.S. system with healthcare systems in other key countries. Healthcare insurance, reimbursement methodology, and the economics of the healthcare industry are also analyzed and critiqued.

BA 609 Spirituality in the Workplace - 3 credit hours
A course that examines the rights and responsibilities of a Christian in the workplace.  The course will cover the unique advantages and the unique challenges that Christians have within the culture of the modern day organization.

BA 610 Managing Global Companies - 3 credit hours
A study of internal and external forces that define the complex problems faced by managers in global firms. Examines organizational mission, values, structure, culture, and systems as they relate to global economic and financial forces, global technological forces, and global socio-cultural and ethical forces.

BA 611 Organization Theory - 3 credit hours
An organic systems approach to organization design for effective performance in light of organization mission and strategy including a study of organizational structure, culture, policy, procedure, learning, and agility as they relate to competitiveness in an increasingly global environment.

BA 612 Human Behavior in Organizations - 3 credit hours
A study of various behavioral theories dealing with the complex issues of human behavior within an organizational environment. Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and group dynamics are explored as they relate to communication, self-awareness, perception, motivation, problem solving, creative thinking, ethics and culture.

BA 613 Managerial Decision Making - 3 credit hours
This course categorizes problem solving and decision making into operational and strategic components, examines their different features, and provides logic for achieving solutions. Development of a culture of problem solving is illustrated and encouraged through an emphasis on diagnostic questions, informed empirical induction, and analysis of group settings.

BA 614 Human Resource Management - 3 credit hours
This course deals with the complex issues associated with the employment of individuals in organizations including management practices, labor relations, compensation and benefits, training and development, and the legal environment.

BA 615 Operations Management - 3 credit hours
Studies the operations management function in the organization from a systems approach including process analysis, materials management, and quality management with emphasis upon both the quantitative and behavioral perspective.

BA 616 Business Ethics - 3 credit hours
Principles of ethical thought as they apply to the nature of the organization, work, corporate culture and the role of the individual and the organization in society.

BA 617 Leadership - 3 credit hours
This course studies three levels of leadership: the individual, the team, and the organization. It is designed to expose learners to a variety of leadership perspectives and practices to enhance individual effectiveness as a leader.

BA 618 Compensation and Benefits - 3 credit hours
Topics in this course include: compensation principles to organizational objectives, strategic use of compensation and benefit systems for attracting, motivating, and retaining employees, and the wage mix.

BA 619 International Marketing - 3 credit hours
An examination of marketing strategy and tactics in global markets, presenting a more in-depth view of the effects of various political, legal, and economic systems, and the effects of culture other than that of the United States. Utilizes case methodology with a discussion of the problems associated with information gathering in foreign markets.

BA 620 Managerial Finance - 3 credit hours
This course will explore sources and costs of capital, tax strategies, financial and capital structure, capital budgeting, valuation, portfolio analysis, dividend policy, ratio analysis, internal rates of return, and cost volume profit analysis.

BA 621 Marketing Research - 3 credit hours
A study of the basic tools, vocabulary, processes, and methods used in business research. Students will learn to read and understand research reports, analyze, and interpret results, prepare a research proposal, and conduct a research project.

BA 622 Managing Mergers and Acquisitions - 3 credit hours
Studies the special problems of mergers and acquisitions as a growth strategy and as a means of increasing the market value of the firm. Focuses upon issues that result in the combination of different corporations and the division of single corporations. Emphasis is upon issues of strategic fit, corporate culture, organizational structure, judicial doctrine, and special tax issues.

BA 623 Marketing Communication - 3 credit hours
This course will cover the various communication responsibilities within the marketing function, specifically advertising and promotions, public relations, internet design, and customer service.

BA 624 Global Policies and Concepts - 3 credit hours
An examination of international trends in business, ethics, and globalization, and international agencies such as: The World Trade Organization, the United Nations, various international trade agreements, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and the World Bank.

BA 625 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - 3 credit hours
This course will focus on skills necessary for managers and business owners to effectively resolve conflicts and controversies associated with organizations. This course will also focus on the differences among negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, and the ability to identify the underlying issues giving rise to the conflict or controversy and how to resolve such issues in an ethical manner.

BA 626 Human Resource Staffing - 3 credit hours
This course examines how to manage human resources effectively in the dynamic, legal, social, and economic environment currently constraining organizations. Among the topics included are: formulation and implementation of human resource strategy, job analysis, methods of recruitment and selection, techniques for training and development, performance appraisal, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of HRM systems. Emphasis is placed on integrating human resource management with the overall business strategy.

BA 631 Project Management - 3 credit hours
This course addresses the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet project requirements by covering the key areas encapsulated in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PBOK) with an emphasis on issues that differentiate information technology projects. Students will also demonstrate competency in the use of project management software tools.

BA 632 Information Systems Security - 3 credit hours
This course covers of the common body of knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools in the domain of information technology security. Topics include threat management, risk diagnosis, accountability, security frameworks, enterprise security policy, encryption, wireless security, legal and ethical issues.

BA 633 Information Systems Infrastructure - 3 credit hours
This is an advanced course covering information systems infrastructure. The areas covered include architecture, operating platforms, database systems, data storage, networking, wired and wireless transmission, e-commerce, cloud computing, virtual servers, and mobile computing. Prerequisite BA 602 Management Information Systems.

BA 690 Business Strategy - 3 credit hours
Examines the role of executive leadership in the organization focusing upon the dynamic interaction of strategy, structure, principles, and values. It involves critical thinking and the ability to integrate concepts, alternative competitive strategies, organizational attributes and culture into strategic concepts of differential advantage. Capstone course. Should be taken as one of the final core courses.

BA 691 Master’s Thesis I - 3 credit hours
The development of research skills and dissemination of findings on an approved prospectus in the form of a master’s thesis.

BA 692 Master’s Thesis II - 3 credit hours
Completion of thesis begun in Master’s Thesis I.

CHS 567 Leadership Development - 3 credit hours
This course is focused on equipping students with leadership skills necessary for educational ministries.  The seminar includes an overview of older and contemporary leadership theory as well as the discovery and development of each participant's leadership and relational style.

CHS 661 Innovations tot he Contemporary Church - 3 credit hours 
This course will focus on innovative ministries and trends designed to penetrate the secular culture with Christian evangelism from within the church toward the marketplace.  Contemporary trends are studied as a context of the gospel in the 21st century.

ECO 610 Managerial Economics - 3 credit hours
A study of the application of economic theories relating to consumer and producer behavior in competitive and monopolistic markets and monetary and fiscal policy in both domestic and international economies as they relate to development of corporate policy.

ECO 612 Business and Economic Forecasting - 3 credit hours
This course introduces various concepts and techniques useful in business and economic forecasting including data gathering and analysis, time-series forecasting, trend line fitting, and linear regression forecasts. The course will emphasize the use of software for business forecasting.