Children's Director, Bethel United Methodist Church, Ohio, (FT)

Children's Director, Bethel United Methodist Church, Ohio, (FT)

Children's Director

Job Description - 2014 Bethel United Methodist Church

402 West Plane St. Bethel, Ohio 45106

(513) 734-7201

You may also find a printable PDF copy of full Job Description at:

I. Vision : The Children's Director oversees the entire children's ministry to ensure a smoothly operating, safe and spiritually effective program. The Children’s Director recruits and trains leaders who will touch children's lives with God's love, teach them God's Word, provide fellowship with God's people, and teach them the value of service and outreach. We intend to lay a foundation that will keep children interested in Christian faith, and involved in church in the challenging years to come.

II. Setting : Bethel United Methodist Church is 14 miles outside of the southeast portion of Cincinnati’s I-275 outer belt. The church has about 525 members, and about 355 average attendance in multiple worship services. The church is evangelical in its theology.

III. Timetable : The position is open beginning in mid-June, 2014, and will remain open until filled.

IV. Application : Resumes for this position should be submitted by email to:

V. Qualifications for the position: The successful candidate will need to:

A. Be a stable, maturing Christian with relevant experience in children’s ministry.

B. Have heartfelt love and availability for children.

C. Show strong Christian commitment, integrity and Biblical lifestyle.

D. Have self-motivated initiative, creative programming ability, firm grounding in scripture, competent leadership skills, solid communication ability, good interpersonal relational skills, compassionate approachability, and cooperative staff support attitudes.

E. Have a B.A. or Masters Degree in Children's Ministry, Christian Education or other applicable field.

F. Have the ability to communicate Christian faith clearly, with a passion for influencing children's lives with the gospel of Christ.

G. Have the ability to recruit and motivate people.

VI. Ministry Expectations: coordinate all aspects of the children's ministry.

A. Work with the Children’s Council to plan and deliver children’s ministry.

B. Approve all programs, curriculum, activities, personnel

C. Recruit leaders/workers and organize training and planning sessions for them

D. Screen volunteers using the procedures of the Children’s Protection policy

E. Coordinate programs for Sunday School (“Fun Stations”), Jr. Church (“Promiseland”), midweek ministries (such as Pioneer Club), big events, retreats, VBS, and summer camp to help children grow spiritually and encourage them to bring their friends.

F. Secure and support leaders for seasonal programs such as Children’s Christmas Programs.

G. Actively cooperate with and support the Children’s Music program.

H. Child Care & Protection Duties

1. Child care - secure training for child care volunteers (Red Cross Certification) & arrange for child care for various church events.

2. Child Protection - administer the child protection policy to ensure safety of our children.

I. Administrative Duties:

1. Promotion : promote children’s ministry by providing information for the bulletin, Chimes newsletter, website, newspaper and outdoor signs.

2. Financial: prepare and monitor children’s budget.

3. Administrative Board and Council on Ministries: attend and report to the Administrative Board and Council on Ministries.

4. Serve as staff liaison to:

a. American Heritage Girls

b. Happy Days Preschool

c. Other Committees as directed by the Senior Pastor

J. Pastoral Care:

1. Occasional Hospital Visitation: as directed by the senior pastor, especially if the patient is a child.

2. Counsel: Be available to counsel and pray with children and with their parents.

3. Prayer : Pray for the children and children's ministry workers.

K. Worship Assistance:

1. Worship Leading : participate in the rotation of persons leading portions of the first worship service.

L. Other Duties as Instructed by Sr. Pastor / Staff Parish Relations Committee


I. Bethel United Methodist Church Website:

A. General Church site:

B. Children’s Ministry site:

II. Resources Available to Children’s Director:

A. Administrative Help

1. Shared Part Time Administrative Assistant : A 15 hour/week part-time Administrative Assistant is available to assist our Youth Director and Children’s Director with mailings, and general office work.

2. Part Time Office Manager : a 24 hour per week office manager does the general office work for bulletin, finances, etc.

B. Facilities : Bethel United Methodist Church has a lovely facility, with classrooms, a sanctuary and a gymnasium. Our Ministry Office next door has a private office for the Children’s Director.

C. Staff: Currently, the full time ministry staff includes a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Director and Children’s Director.

III. Employment Terms

A. Salary package: $27,700, solo personal health insurance if needed, 9% employer pension contribution after 1 year (requires 3% employee participation), paid vacation & holidays, professional expenses.

B. This position is a paid, full-time salaried ministry position. Additional employment beyond this position cannot be secured without the prior consent of the Staff Parish Relations Committee.

IV. Major Area Attractions of Interest for Your Enjoyment Include

A. Kings Island – 38 miles

B. Cincinnati Reds and Bengals – 30 miles

C. Eastfork Lake State Park – 6 miles

D. Newport Aquarium – 29 miles

E. Cincinnati Zoo – 32 miles

F. Eastgate Shopping Mall – 17 miles

G. Many other Cincinnati area attractions