Certificate in Christian Ministry

Certificate in Christian Ministry

For those first steps in training for Christian ministry, steps that can be built upon for further study, the School of Theology is offering a Certificate in Christian Ministry, a 27-hour program that offers Biblical, theological, historical, and practical foundations for Christian service. This program is designed to assist ministers who are concurrently serving churches, and especially for ministers who have been unable to engage in post-secondary study of a more lengthy nature . . . as well as lay men and women who wish to further their ministry skills for Christian service. 

Now fully online . . .The Certificate in Christian Ministry may be completed fully online within one academic year (see the rotation of courses below).  The program may be completed in residence as well.  Students interested in the online option should contact Carrie Hughes, Admissions (270.789.5080 or cghughes@campbellsville.edu) or John Hurtgen, School of Theology (270.789.5077; jehurtgen@campbellsville.edu).

Online Certificate in Christian Ministry

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Certificate Courses

Rotation of courses for the online program

  • CHS 111 Introduction to Old Testament Study (3 hrs)
  • CHS 121 Introduction to New Testament Study (3 hrs)
  • CHS 352 Pastoral Ministries (3 hrs)
  • CHS 353 Ministry of Proclamation (3 hrs)
  • CHS 354 Christian Evangelism (3 hrs)
  • CHS 432 Christian Theology (3 hrs)
  • CHS 451 Growing a Healthy Church (3 hrs)*
  • CHS 471 Church History (3 hrs)
  • CHS 480 Pastoral Letters, Pastoral Ministry (3 hrs)*

* Upper Division Elective.  Many other courses can be substituted based on sequence and scheduling.