Case Manager position FSLA, JG Connections Inc, Bowling Green KY

Case Manager position FSLA, JG Connections Inc, Bowling Green KY

We are currently looking for a case manager in the Bowling Green area at JG Connections Inc. Please have resumes sent  to


ADMINISTRATIVE SUPERVISOR: Program Director (PD)/Case Manager Supervisor

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for coordinating the provision of services on behalf of persons with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, responsible for the development of the person centered Plan of Care, monitoring all services and participant satisfaction.


SCL CASE MANAGEMENT: Has a bachelor’s or higher degree in a human service field from an accredited college or university; has a bachelor’s degree in any other field from an accredited college or university with at least one year of experience in the field of intellectual disability; or is a registered nurse who has at least one year of experience as a professional nurse in the field of intellectual disability; shall be supervised by a case management supervisor and meet all personnel and training requirements

MPW CASE MANAGEMENT: Have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in a human services field or shall be an RN; an LPN; a qualified social worker; a LMFT; an LPCC; a certified psychologist; or a licensed psychological practitioner.

SKILL SETS: Possesses superior organizational, oral, and written communication skills. Must demonstrate a high level of familiarity with Microsoft Office, specifically MS-Word and MS-Excel, and exceptional customer service skills. Must be flexible to meet the needs of those served. Must have a valid driver’s license and provide own transportation.

PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS: Frequent talking and active listening when communicating to individuals, families, guardians, and staff. Possible exposure to communicable diseases, possible exposure to blood borne pathogens. Visual acuity necessary for appraising the appearance of individuals and their environment. Conduct face to face visits with participants, which may cause exposure to risk of unsanitary conditions, abuse and violence. Work is light, standing and sitting, occasional stooping. Ability to handle stress effectively and make decisions accordingly.


Documents through Monthly Summaries monthly face to face visits and monitoring of all identified services, which will be complete by the 5th of the following month. Facilitates, monitors, reviews and updates person centered Plans of Care with focus on the participant’s ongoing expectations and satisfaction. Ensures the participant maintains the Freedom of Choice in a conflict free climate. Evaluates and processes pre-admission packets of individuals to receive waiver funded services. Completes admission packets for those enrolling in services. Completes transition and/or referral packets for services ensuring a timely and smooth transition Participates as an active member of the support team in the development, implementation and monitoring of the Plan of Care for those individuals who receive Medicaid waiver funded services. Closely monitors participant’s satisfaction with services and Plan of Care. Serves as an advocate for the individuals. Assists families and/or individuals in crisis situations which may result in admission into a facility to meet their needs. Is available to assist with individual care coordination 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Teaches, trains, and monitors the development and implementation of Plans of Care and all aspects of service delivery based on person centered principles. Closely monitors certification dates. Monitors via visits and contacts all services; including services delivered by other providers. Ensures timely distribution of Plans of Care for those jointly served by other providers. Plan, identify and implement support strategies for individuals; includes principles of empowerment, community inclusion, health and safety assurances and use of informal supports. Promotes the policy of human rights and attends Human Rights Committee Meetings. Promotes the policy of positive behavior supports and attends Behavior Intervention Committee Meetings. Responds by phone in a timely manner to crisis calls and advises caller of possible options. Participates and provides leadership in agency continuing Quality Assurance activities. Performs other duties as assigned.

1. Adheres to JG Connections, Inc’s policies and procedures.
2. Attends mandatory in-service and other training/educational programs as required.
3. Completes and maintains CPR and First-Aid Certifications.
4. Completes pre-employment and random drug screening.


Please contact me if need any other information.
Thank you

John McNally  

Executive Director

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