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What Can I Do With A Major In...        
Explore careers connected with various academic majors- gives in-depth info on everything from what to expect on the job, training/education needed; average pay level per region, much more.

Occupational Outlook and Career Info  US Government website about career/job outlook -potential growth and demand  as well as degree/required to qualify for  for each career.  (

CAREER MENTOR VOLUNTEERS    Students can connect with a career professional in related chosen  and gain one-on-one coaching/advice for their chosen career paths. Specific business leaders and key alumni are willing to offer support to students needing advise, job shadowing and overall specific career guidance. Contact info at

What Jobs Fit With Your Major?
Choosing a major has always been difficult for college students. Now, with the job market in flux, it's more important than ever that you declare a major in a field that you not only enjoy, but that will offer many employment opportunities after graduation.    Read more of this article by clicking here.

TypeFocus, "Success Through Self Awareness" is a career matching assessment based on values/interest that helps students to better understand themselves and take their first steps in determining a potential Careers/Majors fitting that career. Watch the 2-minute informational video, click here

a. Take online career assessment:  Login to using your student email address, create your own password, then login using our organizational access code, which you can receive by contacting Career Services email or call 270-789-5450 


Resume/Cover letter/Interview assistance    prepare a draft of your resume--several resources are provided below.  Then schedule appointment with a career advisor at 270-789-5192 for reviews/critiquing.   Career Services new location is in TTC 204.  You may also email Teresa Elmore at

    Resume SECTIONS, FORMAT - through  

    RESUME TIPS/SAMPLES; Others at,     career  

           STUDENT & NEW GRAD Resume Samples (with minimum experience)

           COVER LETTER SAMPLES/TIPS               

CREATING an Academic Vita --An academic vita is a summary of your professional training and background. , for  more information  on  medical assistant training programs for those looking to begin a new career in the medical assisting field.

How To Write a CV:

Interview Q&As:

Graduate School Resources --

Student Guide for GMAT  a student's guide for taking the GMAT. Our guide covers:

  • The GMAT start-finish, helps students get from registration to test day-to scores
  • Common pitfalls students face and tips and tricks for each section of the test
  • Comprehensive study resources for every budget

GraduateGuide.com  a directory of searchable graduate school listings  with testing information, financial aid and graduate school news.

Nursing Career Resources: 


 WHAT is an Internship?
Internships are typically work or service experiences related to the student’s major or career goal. The internship plan generally involves students working in professional settings under the supervision of practicing professionals in their intended field. Internships can be paid or unpaid, and the student could possibly receive academic hours credit for performing the internship. Once you find the internship lead that you are interested in, contact your advisor/professor from your discipline to determine if the internship qualifies for academic credit. Students who work internships while in college-- are 10 x more likely to be hired by companies upon graduation. Internships are essential for young graduates with limited career experience!  Click here to read an article regarding the first two steps that should be taken in regards to an internship.

INTERNSHIP Resources:  Resource for job search advice and internship resources

Best Job Boards to Find Niche Internships-jobs  

Intern to Earn - Louisville-based internships in a variety of career fields - nationwide resource for internships and part-time jobs

The Washington Center - government and political internships in D.C. and abroad

Comprehensive list available on Career Services' Internship page

CEI Internships Directory

Entertainment Careers/Internships - multiple arts/entertainment opportunities across the US 


 Career Videos (brief videoclips)

JOB & CAREER FAIRS-- Campbellsville University offers multiple Career Fair opportunities each Spring and Fall semester (2 on-campus and 1  off-campus in Lexington--held exclusively for  Seniors/recent grads of private colleges only. More info on Events page.   

       Louisville-area Job Fairs:      

       Women for Hire Career Expos:

         Law School (LSAT Testing Prep/Practice example questions) .   



LinkedIn Jobs is an updated resource to assist students in their job and internship searches. 

Job Search Ebook:   Free to students, staff/alumni :