Candidate Interview Marathon - Monday, May 18th

Candidate Interview Marathon - Monday, May 18th

Beginning at 1pm, WLCU-TV and 88.7 The Tiger will be broadcasting a special Dialogue on Public Issues with John Chowning Marathon featuring candidates for state wide office prior to the primary election on Tuesday, May 19th.  Be sure to tune in on television or radio to hear candidates give their platform and position for the offices of Attorney General, Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture and more.  Below is a schedule of time, guest and office the candidate is running for that will air, beginning at 1pm:

1pm - Whitney Westerfield, Candidate for Attorney General

1:30pm - Richard Heath, Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture

2pm - Kenneth Imes, Candidate for Treasurer

2:30pm - Neville Blakemore, Candidate for Treasurer

3pm - Daniel Grossberg, Candidate for Treasurer

3:30pm - Geoff Young, Candidate for Governor

4pm - Richard Henderson, Candidate for Treasurer

4:30pm - Rick Nelson, Candidate for Treasurer

5pm - Jim Glenn, Candidate for Treasurer