Campus Announcements -- Nov. 7, 2012

Campus Announcements -- Nov. 7, 2012

International Graphic Design Lecture

The following is from Dejan "Dan" Mraovic, assistant professor of graphic design. A poster about the lecture is attached.

Everyone is invited to attend an international graphic design lecture about logos, pictograms and visual systems which will be held thisFriday,November the 9th, at 3:30 PM in the Graphic Design Studio, Training Technology Center 106.After a month of preparing, I am happy to announce that Professor Radomir Vuković, from Belgrade, Serbia will deliver a lecture to my Graphic Design students. I learned so much from him and that is why I believe that mine students will also benefit from his presentation.

In September of 2011, in the Museum of Applied Art inBelgradethe exhibition,The 50 Years of the Graphic Communications inSerbia1960-2010,was open. The selector of this retrospective was Prof. Radomir Vuković, known as the graphic designer of thepictograms for the14th Olympic Winter GamesinSarajevo,Yugoslaviain 1984.In his two booksSignificity(Znakovito)Prof. Vuković selected the best 2500 Serbian logos and pictograms created between 1960 and 2010. He was also editor and owner ofKvadart, a cult Serbian/Yugoslav design magazinewhich was published from 1993 until 2006. For his designs and publications, he receivedmany national and international awards.Vuković was teaching graphic design at the University of Belgrade (founded 1808).He was also the President of the Serbian Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers (ULUPUDS).His anthologies and magazines are in the collections of Princeton University Library, Library of Congress and Ohio University's Alden Library. They will be available soon in the Montgomery Library of Campbellsville University.

Barnes & Noble sale

Barnes & Noble College Bookstore will be selling Champion apparel for 25 percent off until Friday, Nov. 16.

They would make nice Christmas gifts!


CU students to participate in Southeastern Theatre Conference

For the first time in over 10 years, Campbellsville University will be represented at the Southeastern Theatre Conference.Three current students and an alumna were recommended to participate in the February 2013 conference.

Please congratulate Jess Harris ('12), Jameson Dakota Rogers, Ian Shepard, and Singrid Tipton who all passed the screening auditions held this past weekend with the Kentucky Theater Association.

Lost keys from student Yu Obara

Yu Obara has lost four keys. If found, please turn in to the Office of Student Services.