Campus Announcements -- March 16, 2016

Campus Announcements -- March 16, 2016

WLCU TV to be off air for a few hours tomorrow

WLCU-TV will be off the air for about one-three hours tomorrow Thursday, March 17 due to some necessary updates by their provider. This has to be done during business hours so it can be monitored on site and remotely by the providers. The decision to do it tomorrow was done because there will be fewer viewers during spring break.  

This will not affect the radio coverage of the conference tournaments.  

If you get any calls, please inform all interested parties and let them know WLCU-TV should be back to regular programming as soon as possible.  

Participate or watch at St. Baldrick’s Saturday

St. Baldrick’s is Saturday, March 19 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Powell Athletic Center. All monies raised helps fund pediatric cancer research. There will also be a silent auction.
Donna Wise, chair, says, “Come donate to our shavees who are shaving their heads in honor of our kids!”