Campus Announcements -- Feb. 19, 2015

Campus Announcements -- Feb. 19, 2015

Special Open Swim Hours for Thursday, February 19!

Afternoon Swim from 1:30-5:30!

Come splash around, throw a football,  and aqua jog it out!

Tunes will be provided!

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No classes

There are no classes tonight, Thursday, Feb19, at all Campbellsville University locations. There are also no classes tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 20, at all locations, according to Dr. Frank Cheatham, senior vice president for academic affairs.

Staff are to travel to work at their own discretion.

Snow activities

 1. CU Outdoors Event Cancelled​ Tonight
2. In its place, "Dinner and a Movie" in the Cafeteria tonight followed by acorn hole tournament and snacks in the SAC @ 7:00 pm
3. SAC open normal hours

Trent Creason Director of Student Activities and Intramural Sports Phone: 270-789-5161 Email:

Nurse's office open

If you need the nurse, she's open today until 5 p.m. and open tomorrow from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. until condition's worsen. Nurse Marsha "Pinky" Davis is located in the Office of Student Services building at the back side of the house.