Campus Announcements -- Aug. 11, 2015

Campus Announcements -- Aug. 11, 2015

Participating in Club and Church Festival Aug. 24

Good afternoon,

If there are organizations or clubs on campus that would like to participate in the club and church festival August 24th 5-9 pm at Finley Stadium please respond today via email  to with the following information:

1. How many tables you need
2. How many Chairs you need
3. Indicate if you need electricity
4. Name of group and contact info

Thank you,

Trent Creason
Director of Student Activities and Intramural Sports
Phone: 270-789-5161

Ways to help students from the Office of Counseling Services

The Office of Counseling Services is excited to make the attached resource available to faculty and staff. It is a brief explanation about some of the issues that effect student success and how you can impact those issues.

Last summer, we were very humbled by the tremendous outpouring of generosity when we made the offer to our faculty and staff to partner with us in a ministry to stock a basic health care supplies closet. We make the supplies available to students in need based on referral from faculty and staff. The closet is designed as a stopgap for students until other resources can be obtained.

We would like to invite you to join us again this year.

Any donations would be appreciated, but here is a list of items that the supply is lowest at the moment.

dental floss

Other possible items include:
soap/body wash
hair spray and other styling products
shave creams/gels
mouth wash
feminine hygiene products
hand sanitizer
laundry items
small bags for discretely giving items out (e.g., small drawstring backpacks)

Feel free to contact Rebecca Price (5070 or if you have any questions regarding the attached resource, the services available through our office, or the health care closet.