Campus Announcements -- April 19, 2016

Campus Announcements -- April 19, 2016

Wind Ensemble is at 3 p.m. Sunday

The Wind Ensemble concert is at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 24, and not 8 p.m. as was in yesterday’s CampusScene narrative. It will be at Ransdell Chapel. The ensemble will be hosting the Casey County High School Concert Band for the event.


The American Red Cross Bloodmobile will be Friday, April 22 in the Student Activities Center from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and not 8 a.m.-5 p.m. as was earlier announced.

Tennis Tournament

A Doubles Tennis tournament for students, faculty and staff will be held on April 27 starting at 4 p.m. Anyone wanting to participate should sign up at the Student Activities Center.

Charter Communications seeking employees

Charter Communications is a broadband communications company in the US.  Headquarted in CT- they employ approximately 23,000 people in a wide variety of positions.  Charter Communications provides services in 23 U.S. states… including our very own Louisville KY (good pay & benefits).    This Hiring Event is coming up tomorrow,  April 20th at 10300 Ormsby, Park Place Louisville.  Graduating Seniors…go in person to make a good impression and have better chance at getting an interview.  To check out some of their online job listings- go to…

CROSS-fit Challenge Saturday, April 30

The $5 entry fee for the CROSS-fit Challenge April 30 has been waived!

We would like to inform everyone on campus that the Residence Life Team and the dorms of South Hall East and Broadway Hall are coming together to host the first annual CROSS-fit Challenge on Saturday, April 30th.  This event will take place on the band field across from the Men’s Village and will begin at 10 AM.  There will be a Male and Female Division with teams made up of two individuals each.  These teams will navigate through 5 events ending with a campus mile run (not bike) as shown on the layout photo.  The teams that place first in each division will receive a one-month membership to Body Sculptors on Main, and second and third place teams will each receive gift cards.  Teams can sign up at Student Services (across from Admissions). We are encouraging all coaches that are currently not in season to promote this event among their players as a team building exercise.  There is no limit or requirement to how many can participate in this event, we just ask that participants either be students or faculty/staff of the university.  We are excited about this event, and hope it is a huge success among our students!  If you have any questions please feel free to email or call Caleb Queen (5067) and EJ Pavy (5409).

CROSS-fit Events in order of sequence:
1.     Jerry-Can Relay- teammates will individually grab two 5-gallon containers and run down around the 50-yard cone and come back to hand off the containers to their teammate.
2.     Tire Flip Relay- teammates will flip an oversized together or individually down to the cone and back to the beginning location.
3.     Ammo Can Lift- teammates will individually complete 50 ammo can lifts in a press going from the chest to above the head.
4.     Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test (CFT)- teammates will individually complete the CFT obstacle course, which will be demonstrated before the event begins.
5.     Sand Low Crawl- teammates will low crawl together through the volleyball court sand
6.     Campus Mile Run- teammates will run one lap of the campus mile and this will complete the event.

Layout of the event:

Flyer for the event: