Campus Announcement -- July 7, 2014

Campus Announcement -- July 7, 2014

Club sponsors,

Welcome week is fast approaching and that wonderful time at the beginning of the Fall semester when new connections can be made and students are still excited is almost here. The first two weeks of the semester are jammed packed with events and opportunities for the students as they start off the new semester. One of those events will again be the Church and club welcome back festival taking place Aug. 25th. The church and club fair is an opportune time to catch students in their excitement for a new semester especially incoming freshmen. The Welcome back festival takes place early in welcome week, which is ideal to make connections fast and get students plugged into your organization. This will provide your organization the opportunity to get word out about who you are and recruit students to be a part.

We want to invite any clubs that are interested to be a part of the Welcome Back Festival this year. You can sign up for a spot for the event by following the steps below.

Respond by email to by Aug. 11th, 2014.
Include the following information:
i. Yes, name of club will be participating in the Welcome Week Festival
ii. Number of tables needed
iii. Indicate if you need electricity

The Welcome Week Festival will take place Aug. 25th from 5-7 pm. Please make plans to be a part of this great opportunity to invest in students. If you have any questions please contact Trent at 270-789-5161 or


Trent Creason
Director of Student Activities and Intramural Sports
Phone: 270-789-5161