Campus Announcement -- Dec. 11, 2012

Campus Announcement -- Dec. 11, 2012

BACK BY POPULAR REQUEST — Gift wrapping by Pam!

The following message is from Pam Tennant, coordinator for the E. Bruce Heilman Student Complex.

"The past two or three years, I have offered to wrap Christmas presents here at work (when things finally slow down) on the last week we are here. That would be all next week. This started out just for men as I know how my hubby hates to wrap anything!!! But some ladies said “Hey not fair, I need some help too”, so I am doing this for anyone who needs a bit of Santa side help. I will provide the paper, bows, tape, ribbons and tags. I just need you to provide the box as I don’t have an abundance of those.

"So call me at extension 5130 or come on by in the student center (next to post office) or email me that you need me to help you.

"If you need a referral, ask Coach Buford Sanders. He’s my best client. J

"Oh yes, this is (FREE)."