Campus Announcement -- Aug. 15, 2014

Campus Announcement -- Aug. 15, 2014

Want to be a Tiger Hostess??

 “When looking back over the past three years as a Tiger Hostess it is something that I will always remember after graduating. For me being a Tiger Hostess was a great pleasure because I was able to create bonds with the rest of the hostess that will last a lifetime as well as bonds with the coaches and players.” – Senior Tiger Hostess: Megan Keeling

Character building, serving others, being a leader: All characteristics that define the Tiger Hostess program. If you want to make a difference on campus and in student-athletes’ lives this is the program for you! The Tiger Hostess program began in 2009 with a vision of serving others, and portraying team spirit. By the end of the year; bonds were formed between the hostess, and a great acknowledgement from the football program was being recognized throughout the whole campus.

To become a Tiger Hostess you must: maintain a 2.0 GPA, meet interview requirements, and be knowledgeable about the campus. Hostesses are responsible for: Giving tours, creating inspirational sayings, making care packages for players and coaches, t-shirt sales, and most importantly present our University to our student-athlete recruits and their families as a great place to find their calling.

The mission for the Tiger Hostess is to represent Campbellsville University and the Christian base atmosphere. As a Tiger Hostess you are serving others, applying team spirit, and making a huge difference on this campus! I hope that you will become a part of making CU history!


For more information:
Contact Coach Tim Rogers at We hope to hear from you soon.