Campus Announcement -- April 10, 2015

Campus Announcement -- April 10, 2015

Green Minds invites every CU student to participate in the Earth Week Photography Contest displaying the Beauty and the Beast of Nature. The contest begins Monday, April 13.

Every student can make one submission per category (Beauty or Beast). Winners will receive Tiger Cards and other little prices and their photos will be displayed at Montgomery Library. Detailed info about the contest is below.

If you’re interested, please email Green Minds your submission at

Any submissions to be considered for a prize must adhere to the following guidelines:

-       A submission must be made either for the category “Beauty” (any aesthetic, beautiful aspect of nature) or “Beast” (destruction and ugliness in nature) of nature
-       There can only be one submission each for the categories from one person
-       The photo must be at least 640 pixels
-       The photo has to be originally taken by whoever enters the contest
-       The photos will be judged on their composition, the creativity, its technical quality, and most, importantly, its message or content (displaying either the “beauty” or “beast” of nature)

Please submit the photos with a message saying where the photo was taken, what is captured in the photo (and why it was submitted to one of the two categories) and also the date or year in which it was taken.

Submission deadline is Friday, April 17.

A flier is attached.