Campers find their calling in Christ at CU's Journeys summer camp

Campers find their calling in Christ at CU's Journeys summer camp

July 31, 2015
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The first Journeys Camp was held in July on the campus of Campbellsville University.
(Campbellsville University Photo by Drew Tucker)

By Jordan Antle, communications assistant

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. – Several students from grades 6 to 12 came together on the campus of Campbellsville University for fellowship and fun at the first Journeys summer camp, created and developed by the university’s church outreach.

From July 19 to July 21, Journeys provided an opportunity for students to find their calling in Christ while participating in sports, music, art and worship at CU.

With Journeys, Campbellsville University is reaching out into Campbellsville and surrounding communities to provide a Christ-centered camp experience for middle and high school students.

The idea behind Journeys has been in development at Campbellsville University since church outreach came into existence one year ago and planning has been going strong for the past four months.

Dr. G. Ted Taylor, director of church outreach at CU, said Journeys is a great experience for all involved.

“Journeys is about helping the next generation of students find their calling in Christ. It also provides opportunities for our church outreach life team members to invest spiritually in the lives of the youth,” he said.

Fellowship time consisted of large group worship rallies, which featured a praise band and traditional ministry, and Bible study in smaller color team groups led by camp counselors.

Leighton Lavey, right, of Maysville, Ky., and Zach
Naiper of Mt. Washington, Ky., share a laugh with
their small group as they lead discussion during Bible study. (Campbellsville University Photo by Joshua Williams)

“Journeys has been great. I think my favorite part has been the small groups. Over all it’s been amazing,” said camper Kevin Valencia of Parksville Baptist Church in Danville, Ky.

An emphasis was placed on teaching campers how to live life righteously while connecting and drawing closer during the worship rallies and color groups.

Jamie Lawrence, camp pastor who is pastor of Parksville Baptist Church, told campers to always be studying the word. “Don’t give up the ship. Don’t give up your relationship with Christ for anything,” Lawrence said. “If you’ve been saved by grace you have good news in you.”

Along with worship, several activities were also available to participate in following fellowship time, including a wide rage of sports such as basketball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball. Campers had the chance to cycle through and participate in these various activities throughout the three-day camp.


Destiny Spain, left, and Jenna Ducker of Danville, Ky., participate in arts and crafts, one of the
many activities available to campers at Journeys. (Campbellsville University Photo by Drew

“We’ve played games, Ping-Pong and pool. The most fun I’ve had is arts and crafts,” said camper Devin Lori of Campbellsville, Ky.

Journeys not only provided a fun summer camp experience to those in attendance, but also taught them about servant leadership and helped prepare them for a life of ministry for Christ. Among the topics of Bible study included reality, getting in the race and being encouraged.

Summer camper Ashlen Roller from Parksville Baptist Church, said, “I’ve learned about Jesus and how He died on the cross for our sins.”

In order to help campers find their calling in Christ, Journeys enabled time to search and study scripture while having discussions about the word of God with their counselors.

Cole Torbert, left, of Campbellsville, Ky., Mary Hodgen of Springfield,
Ky., and Jamie Lawrence, right, of Danville, Ky., perform in the praise
band during a large group worship rally at this year’s Journeys.
(Campbellsville University Photo by Drew Tucker) 

Jasmine Barnett, Campbellsville University’s ministry coordinator, encouraged the campers to keep utilizing Bible study in their daily lives.

“We’ve been blessed by you guys, but the worship doesn’t end here. We will continue to pray for you as you go forward,” Barnett said.

Lawrence said, “If I can offer one thing to the campers, it is to stay faithful in Christ. The world looks rough right now but there is hope, and his name is Jesus.”

Journeys launched its inaugural year with 45 campers and 15 chaperones in attendance on the campus of Campbellsville University, with three of those campers accepting Jesus Christ into their heart.

Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of Campbellsville University, wished the campers the best in their future ministries.

“The biggest decision you will make in life is Jesus Christ. He has exciting things planed for all of you, and we can’t wait to see where you go from here,” Carter said.

The staff members found their experience at Journeys refreshing and rejuvenating while affirming their calling to spread the word to the next generation of servant leaders.

“A group of Journeys campers came up to me on the last day and begged me to prolong it a day. They were not ready to go home,” Wes Carter, assistant director of church outreach, said.

With the success of this year’s camp, church outreach has plans to expand next year’s Journeys with more sessions available to campers over the course of the summer at Campbellsville University.

Campbellsville University is a widely acclaimed Kentucky-based Christian university with more than 3,500 students offering 63 undergraduate options, 17 master’s degrees, five postgraduate areas and eight pre-professional programs. The website for complete information is

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